Friday, October 7, 2016

"So Fetch" Lindsay Lohan & Jonathan Bennett

Discussing Math Equations?
Lindsay Lohan & Jonathan Bennett
Everyone loves the movie Mean Girls, right? I know I personally do. Well yesterday this happened Lindsay Lohan hooked-up with her co-star from it Jonathan Bennett, via a FaceTime conversation, Regina George must be so jealous that she went out and boinked Shane Owen in the projection booth upon hearing the news. 

"Yes" Aaron Samuels and Cady Heron are reunited and it feels so grool!

The screen shot is courtesy of Lindsay and her Instagram page. Wonder what these two were talking about? It couldn't have anything to do with October 3rd, because the exchange took place on October the 6th. Seriously you two get it together! 

Whatever they spoke about it's nice to know the two co-stars still keep in touch. It gives us a nice warm fuzzy feeling like the color pink on Wednesdays.

As Gretchen Wieners would say "T.G.I.F! hope your weekend is so fetch!" 

Lindsay on Instagram:

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