Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Horror: The Hunger

Catherine Deneuve & David Bowie

When I was sixteen it was a very good year. I landed my first job as a teenager ever, and it was my teen dream job. What was it? Working in a movie theater of course! 

It was also the year, what would become my favorite vampire film ever came out, The Hunger. Since I worked there I got to see it for free, and that I did, five times!

Visually and conceptually it was stunning with graphic sexuality and vampire blood letting. Catherine Deneuve was born to play the ultimate ice queen vamp, Miriam Blaylock. David Bowie was the perfect compliment are her rapidly deteriorating decades old lover John Blaylock. Then there's Susan Sarandon as Dr. Sarah Roberts who thinks death is a disease that can be cured, little does she know....

With it's bold bi-sexuality, exploration of life & death and perfectly cast actors, this is one vampire fest blood sucking freaks should not miss!

Only 6,6,6 more days until Halloween
Bela Lugosi's Dead
Messy Eater!
Susan Sarandon
An Eternal Hickey
Ann Magnuson & David Bowie

Her Beauty Is Forever
Catherine Deneuve

The Hunger on IMDB:

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