Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Cooking With Morrissey & Nick Cave

I'll show you a Vegan, or two!

Two new, colorful books influenced by two of today's greatest musical icons are out now to help readers survive the holidays. 

Defensive Eating with Morrissey invites the reader to create strange and delightful recipes good enough to console even Moz on his saddest days. Comfort Eating with Nick Cave shows the great master of emotional expression stuffing himself with comfort classics while shedding the occasional solitary tear.
While getting over a breakup, Automne Zingg spent a lot of time drawing and listening to music, and these two books are the unique result. Each book features 50 portraits of the artist soothing himself with delicious, comforting meals, from mac and cheez to mushy peas. Every picture is accompanied by a seriously delicious recipe infused with lyrics and humor. 

Best yet, all the recipes are vegan, so everyone can enjoy these delights, even Morrissey! 

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