Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Think Of What You've Always Wanted..."Beauty and the Beast"

Beastie Girl
Emma Watson
Well, well, well the first full length feature trailer for Disney's live action version of their animated classic Beauty and the Beast has been released. I have one thing to say: for the love of Emma Watson, magnificent!

This looks like the reel deal. Yes, I meant to spell real that way, as it seems like a really heartfelt & beautiful transition from animation to live action that has the heart and soul of the material of which it is based on.

Personally, I loved the animated BB when it came out in theaters. That's pretty abnormal for someone who really has not liked many animated films since he was a child. I believed I actually dropped a tear or two, FML!

Now onto my Emma Watson love. I am a curmudgeon, thus I so could not get into the first Harry Potter epic that I did not watch the others. But Emma has really proved herself to be an intelligent, poised not to mention articulate young woman who I greatly admire. I did see her in  My Week With Marilyn though, In short, she is one of my girl crushes.

Dear Emma, hey you, I will be seeing this.

Respect & admiration always...jump to the trailer below!

Emma Watson is the coolest at:

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