Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Cheer With James Durbin

Ho, Ho, Ho!
James, Heidi, Hunter & Kinzee Durbin w/Santa Claus
Hey Durbinators, it's Christmas Time! Do you ever sit and wonder what your "Idol" James Durbin does this time of year? Well I know the answer to that...

Of course you do! Here to tell you what the Durbin family does for December 25th is, well who else other than James himself!!!

MS: What is your family Christmas tradition?

JD: The last few years we’ve gone and chopped down our own tree as a family.
There’s a great tree farm in the Santa Cruz mountains called Crest Ranch Tree Farm that we’ve made a tradition of going to. We also ride the Holiday Lights Train as guests of Santa Claus, so it’s extra special.

MS: Do you or Heidi play Santa Claus?
JD: We could never “play” the big man in red..(wink,nudge).
We do enjoy the extra element of surprise at Christmas time.

MS: Can you tell us what you got for Heidi?
JD: I can’t tell you lol. Though I can say, we’ve been getting into minimalism lately and have agreed to get each other one thing that we really really want. Something that will serve us well and bring us joy. Ya know, not just a bunch of crap hahaha.

MS: If you could give a gift to all those Durbinators out there what would it be?
JD: The gift I can give is just more honest music. I’ve got a new project I’m recording in Vegas this January that I believe will make my rock n rollers extremely happy. More details to come :)

MS: What does James Durbin want for Christmas most of all? 
JD: This year I just want to stay home, open presents, watch movies and not have to put on pants.

PS If you haven't gotten your copy of James' current album Riot On Sunset that would make an awesome Christmas gift. Take it from Santa Michael, it's his best to date! Ho, Ho, Ho!

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  1. Great interview. Good to hear James has a fun project coming up in Jan. What amazing parents James & Heidi are. Practicing minimalism is commendable!