Thursday, December 1, 2016

Michael's Musings

Look Ma I'm On Top Of Graffiti!
Michael Shinafelt
Hey y'all it's December 1st let's have a hootananny! Wrong time of year, is there really a correct time for that? It's on, the countdown to Christmas and my Birthday has begun!

Yo, I am a Christmas baby born exactly one week before, December 18th to be exact for those of you who suck at math, like me. Unlike Monty Python's Life of Brian I was however, never mistaken for the messiah...wait I recant, I have heard "Oh Jesus" many times before. Let's get December started, shall we?

Damn it! I want an invite to Martha and Snoops Potluck Dinner Party, ASAP!

And this line is your path...don't question me.

If you don't fit in, you are doing the right thing.

Guilty Confession: I love the Mistle-Tones with Tori Spelling & Tia Mowry and watch it every Christmas season.

I regret nothing. NOTHING!

RBF is my MO (Translation: Resting Bitch Face is my thing)

R.I.P. Florence Henderson - Nobody Did It Better 

Last year I turned 50 on my Birthday, can you guess how old I will be this year?
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Sean Lambert
Not only is it December 1st it's also World AIDS Day.

So, Disney is making a Star Wars related movie a year. The newest one opens 2 days before my Birthday, bad decision, it will become stale as fruit cake. PS I didn't see the last one either.

Remember my Birthday, I am on the downhill slope to 60 and I deserve your respect!

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