Thursday, December 8, 2016

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The Rock Star & The Nerd
Taylor Momsen & Michael Shinafelt
This past week I had the pleasure of seeing a live show by The Pretty Reckless, courtesy of my friend and awesome publicist Ken Phillips at The Mayan in Los Angeles.

What word would I use to describe the performance? WOW! Front woman Taylor Momsen (former star of Gossip Girl) will make you forget she started out as an actress. She was born to rock!

Enough of the hyperbole, let's kick it!

Has anyone out there ever had a lawsuit over frozen embryos other than Sofia Vergara?

I had a colonoscopy in Los Angeles. You should have one too if you live anywhere else and are due. Don't put it off. PS - I passed with flying colors and gas.

Confession. The Pretty Reckless show is the first time I had Jack Daniels & Diet Coke as a complimentary drink in a long time. I chose it because the show was late and I knew it would keep me awake.

Addendum to the above confession. After I got home from the awesome show and wound down, I had a dream I was doing drugs with Miley Cyrus. See how long it's been since I drank "liquid crack" which is my pet name for it.

Ken Phillips gave me a really groovy Margaret Cho hoodie for my Birthday. It's December 18th mark your calendars.

I have the biggest crush on someone.

A shout out to fellow writer Selena Fragassi who I met at the TPR show. Welcome to Los Angeles
The Pretty Reckless
Photo: Michael Shinafelt
Quote of the Week: "Kinda how actors study & train & devote their lives to their craft only to be replaced by reality stars must be how career politicians feel" - Tara Strong Voice Over Artist 

Check out the funny as f@#k parody - by my friend E.G. Daily & her partner in crime Melinda Hill Melanoma & Bulimia, Melania Trump's cousins here :

Looks like Boy George is going to be a presence on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. You thought Lisa Vanderpump was a sniper from the side, just you wait!

I asked a security guard to fasten my wristband on me for The Pretty Reckless show instead of doing it myself. I told him I was mentally challenged, he laughed.(glad there are people out there who still have a sense of humor)

Can we all just be honest BTW. Unless a miracle happens, we are going to make history, "yes" for the first time ever we are going to have a sex worker as first lady. While I have nothing against sex workers, I do have a thing against hypocrisy.

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