Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Schwing! Josh Brolin

Solid As A Rock
Josh Brolin
Oh Josh, your booty's so fine, your booty's so fine, it blows my mind, hey Josh...!!!

This is the second time Josh Brolin has made Entertain Me's weekend schwing. Why? Because I am an ass man, an ass connoisseur an ass...fill in that blank.

Brolin has one of the more delectable ones and is quite fond of getting naked and baring it. This time in support of Standing Rock.

Asses and pipelines, the connection is real. Yes Joshie Boy  decided to celebrate the tribe's victory in blocking the Dakota Access pipeline from messing with their land, by baring his supple butt and worked out body.

Victory deserves a bold statement! Thanks Josh may your ass forever get behind justice, in other words keep it up dude!

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