Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Schwing! Ben Affleck

Have You Been Naughty?
Ben Affleck
Everybody run, Santa Claus has a gun! Kidding, it's merely Ben Affleck from the movie Reindeer Games. Speaking of which, as a gift to all you Affleck yearners I present to you stills of his bare booty from the movie via Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

Tye Briggs has written a cool piece titled: Ode To Affleck that maps out Tye's initial admiration of the Actor/Filmmaker to the point where it turned to lust, "yes" Affleck Lust, it's a thing.

Also for further titillation because of the giver I am and because of how clever Tye is I have thrown in his Sex in Cinema un-coverage which lets you gaze at Ben's family jewels in Gone Girl as well as other male nudity in film that year.

The gift of Schwing is here for you to enjoy this lovely Sunday. Now come sit on Santa Michael's lap and tell him what else you want this Christmas...

NSFW links below!

Ode To Affleck:

Sex in Cinema:  

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