Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bite Me!

Team Gingerbread Man
Gigi Hadid
While I am not sure there is really any other meaning to this photo than model Gigi Hadid chomping down for a nibble on a gingerbread man. In my mind this photo is sending a strong message to the FCC: Bite Me! 

Yeah, I have an active imagination that that the elephant my house has been acknowledged I have a hunch Ms. Hadid would have no qualms about the use of her image to deliver this particular message.

I bet at first glance you thought "Oh boy here we go, another innocuous Super Model posting."

So keep those visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads minions, but also be mindful that those visions could easily be restricted internet access wise very soon. 

From Myself, Gigi and the Gingerbread Man - Dear FCC, all we want for Christmas is for you to bite me motherf#ckers!

Mic Drop!

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Silver Bells?

Michael Shinafelt
Mark your calendars the date has been set for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's wedding, May 19, 2018, "yes" the nuptials will be televised.

The betrothed will tie the knot at St. George's Chapel @ Windsor Castle, say that three times fast. Funny a few scant weeks ago I snapped a shot in the supermarket of the tabloid headline above and sent it to my Royal Fan Girl Shani Bayne

She doesn't believe the headline and frankly neither do I. These two don't seem like the irresponsible type. For sure they will have children, but they are getting married for one reason and one reason only - love. Baby being on board has nada to do with it. Trust me, I'm not a tabloid.

Now to the important part are the wedding bells that will ring at St. George's Chapel silver? One can dream...!

Prince Harry on Wikipedia: 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday Cheer With Katy Perry

Santa Baby
Katy Perry & Friends
Did you think I would let the Christmas season saunter by without a visit from whimsical songstress Katy Perry? If you did, you thought wrong!

Here is Katy being hew own Santa Claus and engaging in her personal brand of Holiday cheer by paying a visit to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston in Georgia.

In all honesty if I had to choose someone to be my faux Santa I'd pick Katy. She is the Queen of fun and would for sure put a smile on the face of the most stringent Grinch. Nobody does cotton candy dreams and Unicorn races better than Perry, so her having a crack at reindeer games is a perfect fit.

Also I love seeing people, yes not just celebrities, taking time out to make children in need of some Holiday cheer smile. Even though I have never wanted kids, I still like them, and bringing them joy is a priceless gift.

Ho, ho, ho...and all that jazz, TGIF

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Michael's Musings

Michael Shinafelt
While I am still reveling in my weight loss and leaner body a new reason to celebrate came along. That's right kiddies, Doug Jones defeated notorious pedophile Roy Moore for the Senate seat in Alabama! Woo Hoo! Get up and boogie!

In other Birthday is this coming Monday, the earth is still round and Christmas draws nigh. In a world of turmoil it's nice to know there are some things that never change and there are some things that can and should.

It's time for a happy dance!

I've met God, she's black

Celebrating the return of my cheekbones, oh how I've missed them!

Vanderpump Rules is back. It's hard to like any of these people. Seriously, I could call them all out, but how about saying there is only one of them I can stand: La La Kent and of course Queen Lisa Vanderpump herself.

While on the subject of Bravo reality shows, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back this Tuesday...Yay! 

Please go get in a clown costume and be super cheerful and happy

This hole is my bitch!

Share your best bad boy walk

Yesterday was the Birthday of one of my partners in crime Maresa Wickham. "Yes" I wished her a HBD then, but thought it would be fun to give her a more public shout out, so there!

Mailed out all of my Christmas cards

Boxing tonight, it is a really meditative experience for me 

Omarosa is leaving her position at the White House as Trump's Chief Adviser on African-American issues. I forgot she was even there to do that job. Think about that comment, but not too much.

Blessed are the cheese makers. Without Brie I would be nothing!

11 more days until the Big C!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On The 13th Day Of December...

Ho, Ho, Ho!
The Waitresses 
"I know what boys like, I know what guys want, I know what boys like, Boys like, boys like me" - I Know What Boys Like, The Waitresses 

I don't know about you, but I am feeling soooooo eighties lately. So sue me if I was a teen in the best motherf#cking decade ever! 

Well if you lived during that time period you remember how creative the music scene was. With everything from Punk to New Wave, oh, and of course the business as usual crap. You may also remember a band called The Waitresses. They had a really great hit single with the moniker I Know What Boys Like

They also had one other sizable hit, a Christmas song called - Christmas Wrapping.

So let me take you back to the future and let this too cool for school blast from the past jingle your bells.

Ho ho ho! Here it is after the jump!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Straight Edge

A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History 
by Tony Rettman

Deluxe 400-page softcover book with foreword by Civ of Gorilla Biscuits

This ain't no F#ckhouse! 

This deluxe softcover runs 400 pages, features a foreword by Civ of Gorilla Biscuits, includes a full-color insert, and after is available HERE. This is the latest authoritative and exhaustive leap by Bazillion Points into the vast demi-world of a powerful DIY subculture. Launch events were mobbed at the Sonos NYC store, Bridge 9 Records in Boston, and Hold Fast Records in Asbury Park, NJ, where Tony Rettman sat for a riveting Q&A with Minor Threat's Brian Baker.

Starting in 1981 via Minor Threat's revolutionary call to arms, the clean and positive straight edge hardcore punk movement took hold and prospered during the 1980s, earning a position as one of the most durable yet chronically misunderstood music subcultures. Straight edge created its own sound and visual style, went on to embrace vegetarianism, and later saw the rise of a violent militant fringe. As the "don't drink, don't smoke" message spread from Washington, D.C., to Boston, California, New York City, and, eventually, the world, adherents struggled to define the fundamental ideals and limits of what may be the ultimate youth movement.

Tony Rettman traces the story of straight edge from adolescent origins to enduring counterculture via fresh first-hand accounts from the clear and alert members of Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Youth of Today, DYS, Slapshot, Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds, Stalag 13, Justice League, Chain of Strength, No for an Answer, Insted, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Bold, Project X, Lärm, Brotherhood, Shelter, H2O, Half Off, Resurrection, Raid, Strife, Earth Crisis, Vegan Reich, Mindset, Stop and Think, Mouthpiece, Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, Mental, Fucked Up, Trial, Have Heart, Praise, Clear, the Geeks, and many others.

Time Out New York calls the book: "a trip through the storied history of the straight edge punk movement, from its origins in 1981 as a call-to-arms from the band Minor Threat to its later flourishing as a fully-fledged counter-culture manifesto."


"What separates hardcore from punk is that punk was just saying, 'fkck this place.' Hardcore was saying, 'let's make a difference. Let's make our minds stronger and focus.'"
- Toby Morse, H2O

"We were out to create a revolution. We loved the power and energy of hardcore, but not the whole self-destructive punk ethos. We were into being healthy and living clean, mean, and smart."­
- John Porcelly, Youth of Today

"Straight edge became a religion. It's a very strange feeling to be one of the unwitting founders of this religion."
- Jeff Nelson, Minor Threat

"I'm honored to be part of this book, which accurately recalls a counterculture within a counterculture, a movement that changed the course of so many people's lives, including my own. Straight edge gave us some stable footing and handrails in a confusing time, and provided us a soundtrack of hard, positive, and life-affirming music to craft our progressive and positive adult lives. This book will serve as a crucial and authoritative glance into that world, shining light for fans around the globe on a time that we will never forget."
- Ray Cappo, Youth of Today

"I fxcking loved it! The SSD stuff was amazing, they were my game changer. I also really loved the Uniform Choice chapters. It's a great book. Tony Rettman has done it again, and I'm stoked to have a small part in it."
- Mike Ferraro, Judge

"I will look forward to having this on our coffee table and showing it and reading it with pride for my role in this beautiful movement, for what you've done and captured, and what straight edge was, is and will be."
- Dave Smalley of DYS/All/Dag Nasty

"Tony Rettman's book is THE CHOICE for a firsthand account of the history, inner workings, and real truth of straight edge, one of the most important cultural influences of the last century."
- Al Barile, SSD 

"A fantastic read and a true documentation straight from the people who made this small scene an important piece of music history."
- Dennis Lyxzen, Refused

"I love this book! Everyone's stories are tied together to bring validity to the subject. Rettman covered a lot of ground here, and I'm impressed."
- Steve Larson, Insted 

Monday, December 11, 2017

I, Tonya

When Tonya Met Margot
Tonya Harding & Margot Robbie
One of the more buzzed about films of award season is I, Tonya based on disgraced figure skater and Nancy Kerrigan leg bashing accomplice Tonya Harding. Word is Margot Robbie gives a spot on performance as Harding and filmmakers have gone with a darkly comic approach to the true life source material.

This being stated, I was completely caught off guard when I saw this photo of the real Tonya Harding at the Los Angeles premiere of  I, Tonya with, well Margot Robbie who portrays her. 

Why you may ask? Well for starters while the movie does not paint Harding as an outright villain, it does not exactly make her completely sympathetic either. Seriously I am not so sure I would support something that came from such a dark time in my life. I know it has been twenty-three years since the incident, but still...get my point??? Of course you do!

I guess all I can say is cheers to Tonya for being a good sport. It's Monday let's get this party started!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Choose Love

Michael Turchin & Lance Bass
With all the uncertainty and chaos in the world, when I spied this photo of Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin I couldn't help but smile.

Lance & Michael are getting in the spirit for a good cause, releasing a T-Shirt to support "(RED)’s fight to end AIDS"  and to honor his friend George Michael’s "love of life and celebrate the reissue of Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1."

"Yes" these "Choose Love" T-Shirts gave me the feels for the 80's again. With that confession out of the way, the simple power of the message is one we should all rise to this Holiday season. Hey why not all year round while were at it.

Everyday we wake-up we have a choice. I think we should all make that to "Choose Love" it's simple to give, doesn't cost a thing and will mean the world to those who receive it.


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Saturday, December 9, 2017

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Gingerbread Man/Ed Sheeran/Gingerbread Man/Ed Sheeran
Gwen Stefani
"Yes" I know today's byline is the name of Gwen Stefani's Holiday CD. It seems so fitting for this photo op she took witth Ed Sheeran, I mean the Gingerbread Man at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA.

Seriously what could give a Christmas vibe more than Gwen dressed as a Christmas ornament, standing next to a Christmas tree with a man that's good enough to eat I ask you? Uh-huh, that's what I thought, nothing.

Have a Sweet Saturday, only 16 more days until the Big C!

"I got this feelin' inside my bones, It goes electric wavy when I turn it on" Can't Stop The Feeling, Justin Timberlake

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Film Buff Friday: "The Apartment"

Jack Lemmon & Shirley MacLaine
The Apartment

The Academy Award Winner for Best Picture, Directed by the great Billy Wilder

In 1960, following on from the success of their collaboration on Some Like it Hot, director Billy Wilder (Ace in the Hole, Sunset Boulevard) reteamed with actor Jack Lemmon (The Odd Couple, Glengarry Glen Ross) for what many consider the pinnacle of their respective careers: The Apartment.

C.C. "Bud" Baxter (Lemmon) is a lowly Manhattan office drone with a lucrative sideline in renting out his apartment to adulterous company bosses and their mistresses. When Bud enters into a similar arrangement the firm's personnel director, J.D. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray, Double Indemnity), his career prospects begin to look up... and up. But when he discovers that Sheldrake's mistress is Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine, Irma la Douce), the girl of his dreams, he finds himself forced to choose between his career and the woman he loves...

Winner of five Academy Awards®, including Best Picture, The Apartment features a wealth of Hollywood's finest talent - on both sides of the camera - at the top of their game. By turns cynical, heart-warming and hilarious, Wilder's masterpiece now shines like never before in this all-new, 4K-restored edition from Arrow Films.

- Limited Deluxe Edition Blu-ray [3000 copies]
- Brand new 4K restoration of the film from the original camera negative produced by Arrow Films exclusively for this release
- Original uncompressed PCM mono audio
- Optional 5.1 remix in lossless DTS-HD Master Audio
- Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
- Audio commentary with film producer and historian Bruce Block
- New appreciation of the film and select scene commentary by film historian Philip Kemp
- The Flawed Couple, a new video essay by filmmaker David Cairns on the collaborations between Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon
- Billy Wilder ABC, an overview by David Cairns on the life and career of the filmmaker, covering his films, collaborators and more
- New interview with actress Hope Holiday
- Inside the Apartment, a half-hour "making-of" featurette from 2007 including interviews with Shirley MacLaine, executive producer Walter Mirisch, and others
- Magic Time: The Art of Jack Lemmon, an archive profile of the actor from 2007
- Original screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond (BD-ROM content)
- Theatrical trailer
- Special collector's packaging featuring newly commissioned artwork by Ignatius Fitzpatrick
- Collector's 150-page hardcover book featuring new writing by Neil Sinyard, Kat Ellinger, Travis Crawford and Heather Hyche, generously illustrated with rare stills and behind-the-scenes imagery   

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Michael's Musings

Pure Energy
Michael Shinafelt
Today my thoughts and well wishes are with the victims of the fires in Los Angeles. "Yes" the City of Angels is under siege by massive fires. Many people have lost their homes, it is heartbreaking. When the amazing firefighters get everything under control, the saddest part is that all roads lead to arson with regard to this tragedy. Trust me.

OK, I will veer from going down the stony end and try to be my usual provocateur self. Oh wait I already have done that. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, or can you??? Onto less weighty subjects.

Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life

They recast Kevin Spacey in "All the Money in the World" couldn't they do the same with Mark Wahlberg while they were at it?

"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain" - James A. Baldwin

It's all make believe

I find Will Ferrell the movie equivalent of a colonoscopy 

I recently lost 22 lbs and counting. My landlord gave me a bag of assorted Ghirardelli chocolates. The neighborhood homeless man now has diabetes.

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset

Scrambled Eggs, that is all

Back Off!

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. Sounds like perv spirit!

How about Time and their Person of the Year?

Fact: Depeche Mode sells more music than Bruno Mars and all his number one hits. This gives me hope for the future.

Eighteen days and counting until the Big C!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

If The Tiara Fits

You Can Call Me Queen K...
Kate Middleton 
I think my friend Shani Bayne is wearing off on me. I have never been a huge Royal watcher, but thanks to her Royal loving ways I am now paying more attention to the goings on over the pond. Yeah, I admit it, I am looking forward to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's televised wedding.

With that cat out of the bag, I always did love Princess Diana. She took the Royal thing to a whole new level. She was accessible, kind, philanthropic, she gave not only of her money, but of her time and the greatest gift you can give anyone, her love.

So my interest in Kate Middleton donning one of Diana's favorite tiaras, The Cambridge Lover's Knot to a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace, is most likely about what a lovely tribute it was to one of the most beloved women in history. 

"Yes" and my heightened awareness of the Royal Family due to Shani, damn you woman!  

Kate on Wikipedia:,_Duchess_of_Cambridge 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ho, I'll Tell You What I Want...

Come To Santa...
James Corden

"I wanna, really, really, really wanna zigazig ah" - Wannabe, Spice Girls 

Perhaps this is what The Late Late Show host the adorable James Corden whispered into Santa's ear that he wanted for Christmas during KIIS FM's Jingle Ball Concert.

That and more carpool karaoke anyone? Of course you want more! 

All kidding aside I would really like to know what transpired between Mr. Claus & Mr. Corden. They would be better off telling me because if I fill in the blank it could become quite scandalous when it was pretty innocuous to begin with.

I've got Jingle Bottom my trusty Christmas spy hot on the trail to find out for all of you, and moi, and when I do I will spill right here, right now on the pages of Entertain Me, until then shake your booty if you want a white Christmas

Ciao for now! Me and Jingle Bottom have werk to do!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Zac Attack!

Packing Large
Zac Efron
Having been sick this past week and finally seeing the end of it draw nigh this past Friday, I haven't really been shall we say, randy, of late. Well this morning upon waking I had a Zac Attack! "Yes" that is correct, I realized that it has been a spell since I had posted a pic my Boy Zac Efron!

Look it's Boy Zac packing large (I would expect nothing less from my one of my boys) at Heathrow Airport in London. Pack, Zac, Pack!

As many of are aware by now Zac is starring in the musical base on the life of PT Barnum called The Greatest Showman alongside Daddy Hugh Jackman. It is set to drop on December 20th

Well, even though I am not a huge musical fan, Zac will most likely coax my booty into a movie theater seat with this one. Hey the Boy magic worked and got me to a theater, oh alright is was a free screening on the Sony lot, of Baywatch, Yeah, yeah, yeah I know...Hey, it was mindless and fun and, ooooops, sorry I had a shirtless Boy Zac moment.

It's Monday, and aren't you happy?!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holiday Schwing! Daniel Sunjata

Ready To Unwrap His Package?
Susan Sarandon & Danile Sunjata
Daniel Sunjata. Perhaps the name does not sound familiar but I am sure the face is, hey Daniel gets around. I of course first spied Mr. Sunjata on my favorite show ever Law & Order: SVU as CSU Technician Burt Trevor (say that three times fast.) Daniel most recently appeared in the short lived ABC series Notorious as Defense Attorney Jake Gregorian

In short Daniel is a hunk! But what makes Daniel a Holiday Schwing?! Well he was in a 2004 Christmas centered movie titled: Noel which also starred Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz & Paul Walker. Now that's a cast! 

Oh wait, there's more...Daniel also treated theater goers to a whole lotta full frontal nudity in the stage production of Richard Greenberg's  Take Me Out at the Joseph Papp Theater. "Yes" this is where the Schwing! comes in. Of course I got some great coverage/uncoverage of Sunjata via Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things for your viewing pleasure.

This season, put a smile on someone you loves face and give the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of Schwing! Hit the NSFW link below and have some fun with Daniel...!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

On The Second Day Of December...

Coon Diva, Croon!
Sandy Zacky
Yes, it's the second day of December and guess what, I'm giving you a musical gift! I'm going to give a few of those throughout the month. Christmas songs you have heard done millions of times  by others, but, perhaps not by these artists. Like I have stated before I am a giver, and yes they are personal favorites of mine! 

Let's kick off the season with Entertain Me's resident Diva Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky's rendition of White Christmas.

Nothing will warm the cockles of your frozen heart like Sandy weaving her Christmas magic. In fact mine is thawing right here, right now. "Yes" Virginia I am listening to it as I type.

So join me won't you in getting WC with Sandy from the block?

WC on Entertain Me after da jump!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Lee DeWyze "Paranoia"

If you were wondering, where is the world is Lee DeWyze? Wonder no more...!!!

Singer-Songwriter Lee DeWyze has announced he will release his brand new album, Paranoia on February, 16, 2018 via Shanachie Entertainment.  Paranoia is Lee’s seventh studio album to date and first full length set of new music since 2016’s Oil & Water. Lead single, “The Breakdown,” is the first track from Paranoia with premiering the lyric video earlier this week. 

View here:

A 2018 North American tour is set to kick-off around the release of the album in mid-February with dates to be announced very soon.  In addition, Lee has signed an exclusive deal with CESD, the leading agency for Voice-Over for animation, video and more.   

Since emerging onto the scene, Lee’s real breakout moment came when he wrote an original song for The Walking Dead. “Blackbird Song” has over 10Million YouTube views collectively, and 5M Spotify streams. The single has sold more than 100k copies and was considered one of the top 10 most influential syncs in 2014 from the Musicians Guild of America.

Since the release of “Blackbird Song," Lee has gone on to have more than 35 syncs and placements in TV shows such as Elementary, Suits, The Fosters, Nashville, Reign, Hart of Dixie, Bull, and many others. His song “ Don’t Be Afraid” was the national campaign song for 2 years for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and ESPN used his song “The Ride” in several NASCAR commercials. Lee’s song “Fight” was on the Hot AC Top 40 chart for 10 weeks straight was featured in the highly acclaimed independent movie, Sister. Lee also won an award from the LA Indie Film Festival for his video for the song “Fight,”which he wrote and directed himself. 
Guitar Man
Lee DeWyze
Photo: Danny Liao
In 2016, Lee released his album Oil & Water which debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Folk Music chart and received high praise from both Billboard & Huffington Post.  It was also considered a top 10 album of the year by PopDose Magazine while Yahoo Entertainment heralded DeWyze’s music for having “a hymn-like vibe, majestic orchestration and introspective lyrics.”  Lee released the single, “Weight” in Dec of 2016, which was featured in the season finale of CBS’ Elementary. Originally written for the feature “Collateral Beauty,” this song was a turning point in Lee’s writing career.

In addition to writing and recording Paranoia for the greater part of 2017, Lee signed a publishing deal with SONGS publishing (home to Lorde, The Weeknd, Diplo).

Lee DeWyze Official Website: -
Tour Dates:
1 -   Peppermint Club - Los Angeles, CA
6 -   Goldfield Trading Post - Sacramento, CA
7  -   Astro Lounge - Bend, OR
8 -   Bossanova Ballroom - Portland, OR
10 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
12 - The Pin - Spokane, WA
14 - Bankhead Theatre - Livermore, CA
15 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Stateline, NV

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Michael's Musings

If I Were You...
Michael Shinafelt
With a new reason to be shocked, annoyed or perhaps even easily amused popping up every second in the world I thought this week I would address the ones that I have an raw opinion about.

Raw opinions, we all have them, but do we express them? Since I have this forum I am using it for just that. Baby, I was born this way...

It was a terrific week to be Matt Lauer's wife. Think about it, but not too much.

Melanie Trump's White House Christmas decor is brilliant it reflects the current administration's soul

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. That is all.

Fruit flies are so effing annoying

This week something has been trying to take me, I suspect it is the flu. I am winning the battle, but it's motherf#cking pissing me off! Get out of my body, it's not yours!!!

It's really rich to hear Kathy Griffin begging for compassion from people when the only compassion she has ever had is for herself

Christmas draws nigh. I actually put something out decor wise already this year. It's minimal, but it's out.
Bono Is That You???
Bono showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking like KD Lang's twin sister

Never will I ever...just kidding

My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right - Armie Hammer cops to his balls being digitally removed from Call Me By Your Name

Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau

My dreams are in technicolor and state of the art sound. No shitting, it's true.

While I do not watch the revamp of Dynasty I heard they cast Nicolette Sheridan as Alexis Carrington. I think Nicolette is the perfect heir to Joan Collins throne.

If I were you...I'd wanna be me too...

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


When a movie title announces itself in all caps, you know that movie has to be about Morrissey!

ENGLAND IS MINE is a new drama about the early days of Morrissey, the iconic pop star and original front man for the seminal band, The Smiths. Directed by Academy Award® and BAFTA-nominee Mark Gill, the film stars Jack Lowden as the artist formerly known as Steven Patrick Morrissey and Jessica Brown Findlay of "Downton Abbey" fame as his soul mate and muse. 

Set in Thatcher's Britain of the 70's and 80's, a time when working class Manchester was beset by unemployment and riots, the film tells the story of 17 year-old Steven (Lowden), a painfully shy, intellectually precocious loner who lives for, and writes about, the burgeoning local music scene-a surprisingly vibrant subculture in an otherwise drab industrial city. Too intimidated to join that scene, he writes reviews from the sidelines, imagining what he would do if he were on stage. When one of his write-ups is noticed by kindred spirit Linder Sterling (Brown Findlay), an aspiring painter, the two become fast friends, and she pushes him to form a band and take to the stage. Steven finally works up the courage to book a club date, and performs a dazzling cover of an old girl-group standard. This is the first time the world gets to hear the distinctive, emotion-filled voice that would eventually propel him to stardom.

That very night, a manager reaches out with an offer. Unfortunately, it's only for guitarist Billy, not the lead singer, meaning Steven will be left behind. His dreams of a musical career vanish and he's left with nothing but wasted days at a soul-crushing civil servant job, and lonely nights holed up in the same bedroom he's slept in his whole life. Only his mother's unwavering belief in his talent, and Linder's constant reminder-"be yourself, everyone else is taken"-give him the strength to keep trying to become the artist he was always meant to be.

Brian Perera
, founder of Cleopatra Entertainment, says "Our company has deep roots in music, so we couldn't more excited to bring this film over here to US audiences and to Morrissey's enormous fan base."

Director Gill, who also wrote the screenplay (with William Thacker), burst onto the international film scene with his 2011 short film, "The Voorman Problem," which earned him an Academy Award-nomination for Best Live Action short, as well as a BAFTA nomination. Lowden's stage work (which has already earned him the UK's highest honor, the Olivier Award) was recently featured in Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk," and films such as "A United Kingdom" and "'71."

Since capturing, and breaking, hearts as Lady Sybil in the smash success "Downton Abbey," Brown Findlay has also been seen in "Winter's Tale," "The Riot Club" and "Victor Frankenstein."

Baldwin Li, Gill's producer and fellow "Voorman" Oscar-nominee, produced ENGLAND IS MINE along with Orian Williams, producer of Anton Corbijn's "Control," the multi-award-winning biopic of Ian Curtis and the band Joy Division.

Pre-order now at

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It Takes Two

Girls Gone Wild
Vanessa Hudgens & Jennifer Lopez
After the big news of Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle yesterday and the continued barrage of press today (most likely up until the wedding) - I thought we might take a quieter turn today. To streets of New York to be exact.

It is unclear if they are shooting a scene together for their latest movie Second Act, or out for a winter run. See Jennifer Lopez run. See her run with Vanessa Hudgens. Run Jennifer & Vanessa run!

These two women are clearly headed somewhere, where, who knows, or perhaps they simply had ants in their pants between takes and thought they were born to run. 

Whatever the case, this is what I call a Tuesday Tease, you're welcome. Teasing is something I'm expert at and one should always play to ones strengths. 

Have a good one!

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