Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Get "Snatched" Wednesday

Getting In "Formation"
Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn
While I was a little taken back by Goldie Hawn's appearance on the Golden Globe's this past weekend, and to clarify by "appearance" I don't mean the fact that she was on the show. I know why she was on with one Ms. Amy Schumer, they have a movie coming out May 12th called Snatched and I can't wait!

Both women are brilliant on screen comedians and even if the movie falls short of their talents I am willing to bet their chemistry and considerable skills will make it worth the watch.

This is one of those rare dream teams that hit the silver screen that compels you to buy a ticket just to see them werk!

As you may or may not recall the two first teamed up for a brilliant parody of Beyonce's song Formation.

Check out the funny as fuck trailer below and watch your ass!

All Things Snatched at:‎  

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