Monday, January 9, 2017

Red Carpet Ready, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Red Carpet Ready? You Bet!
Julia Louis-Dreyfus 
Nothing, I mean nothing will top Meryl Streep's Golden Globe speech last night. I thought about running it today since it was in a word, amazing, but of course by now everyone has posted and re-posted it so I decided to go another direction.

Here without further hyperbole is my favorite Instagram post about the Golden Globes...Julia Louis-Dreyfus! Although she did not win this year for her HBO show Veep she's a winner in my book for this photo which she captioned: 

"About to hit the red carpet & feeling confident. @goldenglobes@veephbo @karenkawahara#goldenglobes"

Confident, obviously. Who other than JLD would have the chutzpah to post an image as funny/hot/cool as this I ask you???

"Take your broken heart, make it into art" - Meryl Streep quoting Carrie Fisher

JLD on Instagram:

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