Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March

We've Got The Power
Madonna & Cher
Washington DC
Yesterday were the Women's Marches heard round the world! While I was unable to attend this Historic Event, I did follow it throughout the day thanks to the wonder of technology.

My favorite sign for the day? "Carrie Fisher didn't die for this shit!" I am sure she is beaming with pride somewhere.

No one should have their human rights taken away. Women's Rights are human rights whether  you be gay, straight, transgender, bi-sexual or fluid. What's happening in our country now is utter bullshit. Who is a corrupt ego maniac/bully/narcissist/male chauvinist/prick whose married to a sex worker place to make these decisions for any woman?

I decided to gather images from the sacred event from yesterday, the most notable one? Madonna & Cher at the Women's March on Washington DC - the others? I gathered from my friends who posted them on Facebook.

Let's Celebrate Life & The Personal Power We All Have!!!
 Summer Rudolph
Portland, OR
Erik Wilso
Los Angeles, CA
Romi Simmons
Los Angeles, CA

 Ali Wagner & Chantal Pershing
Los Angeles, CA

Whether you marched or not you can always use your voice. Donate to Planned Parenthood here:


  1. Thank you Michael!!! It felt awesome to be apart of this movement!!!

  2. You're entirely welcome I wish I could have participated!!!

  3. Woo hoo! What an amazing day. Thanks for commemorating it and encouraging donations to PP.