Sunday, February 5, 2017

Go Gaga!

Ready To Slay
Lady Gaga
Unless you have been living under a rock everyone knows that today is the Lady Gaga concert with a football game thrown in for good measure.

All kidding aside it's Superbowl Sunday and Lady Gaga is performing the coveted half time show.

Honestly I don't hate football but it is something I can manage without. However I will be tuning in to the half time show which is sure to be amazing! Rumor has it they coughed up 10 million reasons for today's Lady Gaga extravaganza, that's a whole lotta reasons to tune in minions. 

The above image was taken in preparation for the blessed event. Gaga has been teasing the public with several photos and videos this week while still managing to keep the songs she is performing under wraps. She's a slick one.

So we are all in for a really big surprise today of epic proportions.

Happy Lady Gaga concert day, and if you are inclined to watch the football game have a groovy Superbowl Sunday

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