Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Am Nicole Kidman Hear Me Roar...!

Easy, Breezy...
Nicole Kidman
It's been really nice to see Nicole Kidman back this awards season after a few low key years, the spotlight is where she is meant to be for many reasons and she should never ever stray from it again.

One of those reasons is her considerable acting chops, which are on display is the heavily nominated film Lion. I have yet to see Lion but those in my circle who have say it's amazing! Due in no small part to Kidman's award caliber performance.

Another reason Nicole always belongs front and center is her fashion sense. She always makes a splash with her bold choices, and while she has chosen outfits with a higher glamour quotient than this dress she wore to the Lion premiere in Paris Friday, the above look is my favorite on her thus far during this awards season.

Why? It's casual, yet stylish. Fun, yet dressy. It really allows Kidman to let her hair down, quite literally as you can see and she looks like she is having a blast wearing it. Yes, fun Nicole is back and ready to laugh!

It's nice to see this side of her again. She looks rested and her smile is radiant.

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