Thursday, February 2, 2017

Michael's Musings

Turn & Face The Strange
Michael Shinafelt
Hello lovely beings! This week it's time we turn to face the strange. In both ways literally, strange is good when it is inclusive, but when it is exclusive, well you know how that goes, right "President" Trump.

Yeah, I wanted to use a few more choice words, but I chose to take the high road.

OK, enough of my preaching, here we go!!!

Anyone watching Taboo on FX? I am, I like it! It also doesn't hurt that Tom Hardy is 

Immigration Ban? Where the fuck did you come from Dumpster????

I want whatever meds Winona Ryder is on,

Try not to be a Twatsicle 

Eat Cheeseburgers & Make Love

I saw LeAnn Rimes this past weekend with Ken Phillips, amazing! She closed with a cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, I still hear it in my head. 

Sometimes you have to GROI! Get Rid Of It.

Margaret Cho & Myself
Fashion Police
Photo: Ken Phillips
Hung with Margaret Cho on the set of Fashion Police this past week. Yeah, I know how to have a good time.

Come hither I like to lick, a lot!

"Beauty and femininity are ageless" - Marilyn Monroe 

What kind of a world do we live in when auto-correct tries to change something you wrote into Blake Lively???

I'm eating healthier and working out, aren't you happy?

Yeah, that is enough. Done.

Come to me, I am here at:  

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