Thursday, February 9, 2017

Michael's Musings

Want To Know What's Behind The Curtain???
Michael Shinafelt
Photo: Jay Jorgensen
This past week has been really boring if you ask me. Hey, my life is pretty stimulating it's the "important" events happening in the world that need to rise to a competent level of intelligence.

OK, there were some bright spots, and many lows. I will try to put some restraints on myself, even though that is usually not my style (I usually do the restraining) and try to limit the negative.

Are you ready boots? Let's start walkin'...

Nordstrom stock went up when they dumped Ivanka Trump's clothing line, made in China. Keeping America great.

I've been such a dick on a broomstick of late aka I've been speaking my mind and taking no shit

While typing a text auto-correct kept changing the word "dildo" into "soldier" - AC has one fucking hell of an imagination!

Lady Gaga totally blew me away at the Superbowl, her performance was brilliant. The most impressive part to me was when she caught the football and jumped with precision timing. Hell, I know I couldn't do that.

Betsy DeVos secured her seat as Secretary of Education. Two things. The first is I am so grateful I did not bring a child into this world, the second? Pink Floyd called it on their song Another Brick in the Wall apparently "We Don't Need No Education" 

Wednesday On Thursday  - I hated everyone before it was mainstream...

Did you know you can find my chat with Traci Lords about her clothing line for Pin-Up Girl on her website? Here is the link:  our exchange is under the byline "Traci Lords Pin-Up Girl"

I read an article about how crystal dildos can heal your vagina and make it a magical place. Yeah, I know I don't have one, but who could resist that read???

Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty are presenting the Oscar for Best Picture this year. Now that's gangsta!

Counting down the days until April 18th when the final season of Pretty Little Liars airs and we find out everything. It's the only show I am obsessed with, don't judge me.

For my money Moonlight is the Best Picture of the year.

That's a wrap peeps!

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