Monday, February 27, 2017

Sorceress-Magic Or Madness?

Planets of the Universe
Naama Kates
Happy Post Oscar Monday, how about that Best Picture flub? Moving on you may recall a fairly recent interview I did with filmmaker Naama Kates about her indie Sorceress here is the link:

Well guess what peeps, it's been released! Here to tell you all about it is a note from Naama herself, read on minions...

Hey. Hey! What is up, hey?

Sooo... Nowadays, making movies is easy. NOT. Nowadays, making movies is frickin' hard. Writing them, shooting them, producing them-- it takes a village. Literally. A big, whopping, fat production, also literally, involving the creative and administrative skills and talents of many, many people. The most collaborative medium of all media. So there's that. To make movies...

And getting anyone to see them, once made, is frickin' hard. Hard, hard, hard!!! Because, well, because it's always been hard, because it's a competitive field, and cuz of democratization of resources, and technology, and various new media outlets, like SVOD platforms, and cuz who cares, cuz everyone has a story, and cuz there are so many good ones already being told, every moment of every day, not just at the cinema or on the telly or the radio, but on your social media feed, and over the phone, and at the neighborhood pub, and, lord knows in any newspaper, and, and, and.

So, not to make a short story longer, and because I have not won any awards* so a long-winded gushing acceptance speech is not in order, I'll refrain from thanking, in this email, all of the incredible people who made this all possible... Also, that's what the credits are for... But I would like to mention my awesome distributor, Global Genesis Group, and in particular Charles Morris Jr. of GGG for taking a chance with me and my film, Sorceress, because now it is available for y'all to see, on-demand on Amazon, for rent, and free if you have Amazon Prime (which I highly recommend as a longtime member for like 5 years now). So, YEAH!

And this is IT:

If you wanna know a bit more before you take the plunge, check out the images and synopsis on the Global Genesis site at:
Or the review by brilliant philosopher and author, Daniel Coffeen at:
And if you wanna, stop by and like the FB movie page (though I really got update that) at:
And follow on Twitter (gotta get that together too):

So okay YEAH. Most importantly, drum roll please, just go watch it!!!!!!!!

Now y'all take care. Be safe. Drink a lot of water and wear sunscreen and a hat. And a scarf and a coat, cuz it's cold.

Love and other indoor sports,

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