Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tequila Shots w/Justin Timberlake

Can't Stop The Feeling!
Justin Timberlake
Whether you think he is a dreamy hunk or a guy who seems like a blast to hang out with, admit it, you know what you want to do with Justin Timberlake. Kick back shots of tequila and let the good times roll!

Pssssssssst! I'm here to let you in a a fact you may not know about him, he collaborated with tequila maven Casa Sauza to create Sauza 901 Tequila. It's a dream come true for all you Timberlake fans, it means your dream slamming down shots with Justin can be your reality for just $34 a bottle! 

Yes, I know Justin won't physically be there, but he will be there in spirits. Hey, whose to say he won't actually materialize? After a few shots the possibility is real.

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy, it's Wednesday you owe it to yourself to navigate "The Hump" and let it rip!

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