Friday, February 24, 2017

"The Help" Reunion

Can We Help?
l-r Octavia Spence, Emma Stone & Viola Davis
Since this Sunday is Oscar Sunday and all three of these ladies are up for an Academy Award, I thought this was a fitting image for the Friday leading into the hallowed event.

Here we have Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone and Viola Davis at the 2017 nominees luncheon. Yes, the cast members from The Help are reunited and it felt so good.

Spencer posted the photo op on her Instagram with this caption:

"Today was so fun it felt like graduation. Especially seeing my #HelpAlums. Congrats to all nominees especially these two!!" 

Pretty cool that three women who shared an experience all all up for the Big "O" this year.

While I'm at it let me state Viola Davis is a shoo in for supporting actress for her work in Fences and Emma Stone is my personal favorite (and is predicted to win by many) for best actress in La La Land.

Congratulations you three and have fun Sunday

Octavia on Instagram: 

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