Thursday, March 30, 2017

Michael's Musings

I'm Going To Bridle You In & Make You Submit
Michael Shinafelt

Just finished off a delightful wine & nosh evening with my friend Scott Jacobs. We listened to the 80's music station on my cable TV and caught up, with a side of the usual mayhem.

I also laughed so hard my dick fell out of my shorts. Kidding about the dick falling out of my shorts part, I wanted to see if you were paying attention. 

Enough of my cheekiness, time to turn and face the strange. Hey it's a whole lot better than turning into the strange, or not. The decision is yours...

If I can smell your breath, you are too close

When in doubt get your monotone on with Jesus

Courtney Love is playing Kitty Menendez in an upcoming TV movie about the Menendez Brothers. Leaving this as is.

My Buddha is impressive, and yours?

Shooting the video for former Teen Idol Mike Clifford's cover of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World this weekend. 

In space no one can hear you scream, in China too young is just a name

Look What I Made!
Started my healthy eating kick this week. Made myself some Brussel Sprout Tacos, which consist of Brussel Sprouts sauteed in garlic, stuffed into a corn tortilla with a dollop of sour cream. I've got skills bitches.

In light of Trump Care failing we should all take a moment and realize not everyone in the current administration is an insane narcissist bloated orange fart bag.

Lily Allen said it best, Fuck You very much

What an excellent day for an exorcism

Referring to the abovementioned Mike Clifford, check out his page and give it a like. Why? Because it will put a smile on your face and mine:

Remember, we were all once cream pies

Your mission should you choose to accept is is to follow me at:   

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