Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just Because...Pamela Anderson

So Hollywood
Pamela Anderson
Look it's Pamela Anderson out and about in Venice, Italy. I mean how could you not look? Pam is dressed like a classic Hollywood movie starlet and is eye catching, you can't miss her and not stare for a bit, or more?

Cat eye sunglasses and a hot skin tight pink dress are always a win when worn by a woman with curves in all the right places like Ms. Anderson.

Let me give you a little commentary on Pammy, I had the pleasure of interviewing back in the day when her book Star came out. The piece was for Instinct magazine when it was still an interesting publication. It was for The Chick We'd Switch For column.

Being that it was a magazine for gay men I had to pose the inevitable question: If you were gay for a day would you be a man or a woman? She of course said "man" 

My follow up question? What would you do as a gay man? She stated: I would know how to give a better blow job.

There you have it, mic drop. Pam was a lot of fun and sweet as can be. This image and anecdote are just the thing to make all of you smile and get you over "The Hump" - have a good one!

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