Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Little Mermaid

Lea Michele
If only the world was made up of unicorns, fairies & mermaids, but alas it's not. Well let's settle for a close facsimile shall we?

I present to you a whimsical image of one Lea Michele donning a mermaid tail in a swimming pool. Why she is pretending to be half woman, half fish I do not know, but it's fun and provides levity to the world so I am putting it out there for your enjoyment.

Loosen up and free your imagination and have a blast making up all sorts of scenarios and tranquil fantasies while gazing upon the Little Mermaid.

Mine is that I am a Merman and we are combing the ocean depths together in search of the ruins of Atlantis. Bet you thought I wasn't going to share mine, right???

Have a magical Hump Day

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