Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Coming Soon: "Madhouse"

Those F@cking Evil Twins!

Madhouse [Blu-ray + DVD] (6/13)

Helmed by legendary producer/director Ovidio Assonitis, the man behind such cult favourites as The Visitor and Piranha II: The SpawningMadhouse is a crimson-soaked tale of sibling rivalry taken to a terrifying and bloody extreme. 

Julia has spent her entire adult life trying to forget the torment she suffered at the hands of her twisted twin Mary... but Mary hasn't forgotten. Escaping hospital, where she's recently been admitted with a horrific, disfiguring illness, Julia's sadistic sister vows to exact a particularly cruel revenge on her sibling this year - promising a birthday surprise that she'll never forget.

An Italian production shot entirely in Savannah, Georgia, Madhouse (aka And When She Was Bad and There Was a Little Girl) fuses slasher elements with the over-the-top excess of '80s Italian terror - resulting in a cinematic bloodbath so gut-wrenching that the British authorities saw fit to outlaw it as a "video nasty".

- Brand new 2K restoration from the original camera negative
- High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition presentations
- Original Stereo Audio (Uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
- Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
- Brand new audio commentary with The Hysteria Continues
- Brand new interviews with cast and crew
- Alternate opening titles
- Theatrical Trailer, newly transferred in HD
- Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Marc Schoenbach

FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Booklet featuring new writing on the film

Pre-order at the MVD SHOP or on Amazon  

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Double Vision

My Daughter, My Mother
Rumer Willis & Demi Moore

"That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother" - Rumer Willis

It's the day after the Memorial Day Weekend and I am sure some of us are quite hungover and some of us (me) not. So if you think you are seeing double presently, don't flip out, you are!

Yep, this is a side by side image of Dancing With The Stars champ Rumer Willis and her Mom Demi Moore. Dressed exactly alike and playing head games with us all. 

Rumer used the opening quote when she posted this photo on her Instagram with the hash tag #imnotmad - That's good you aren't Rumer because there's not a whole lot you can do about it other than drastic plastic, surgery that is. But why would you?! Your Mother is quite the looker and you could do worse than be her doppelganger.

So douse some drops on those boozy eyes, or not and get on with your week. Enjoy this messing with your vision moment courtesy of Rumer, Demi & Moi.

Rumer on Instagram:

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Not Tanning
Elle Fanning
It's Memorial Day, thus I am assuming most of you are enjoying a three day weekend. That means an extra day for fun in the sun and all that jazz. 

Well nothing says fun in the sun like being at Cannes during the Film Festival. Witness actress Elle Fanning enjoying the sun, but "not tanning," as she puts it on the shores of Cannes.

Elle never disappoints on the red carpet, she always slays in her choice of fashion. Well it looks like she can add swimwear to that section of her resume now as well. Seriously how many celebrities have you seen looking this stylish in a bikini? Yeah, I thought so.

This makes me want to pack my bags and hit the French shore next year, hey you never know what life has in store for you, that could happen, or not.

Have terrific Memorial Day no matter what it is you are doing.


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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Schwing! Steven Weber

Dropping Trou For Your Viewing Pleasure
Steven Weber

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away...Kidding! Yesterday however I flashed on memories of the film Single White Female, you know that creepy ass number starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda? Well it also starred 90's it guy Steven Weber, who got naked in it, all the way naked, full monty, the family jewels, full get the picture. 

Not only did Steven star in the hit series Wings along side Timothy Daly he appeared in numerous movies of that era other than SWF. Including the title role in Jeffrey based on the Paul Rudnick play. 

He then at 53 flashed his still supple booty on TNT's Murder in the First. That Steven he is such a giver.

What? No I did not write this just to tease you. Since I am a giver too I am providing a link to Steven and his flesh courtesy of Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things below.

Schwing my minions, schwing!

Get an eyeful of Steven here:  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Just Because...Ryan Gosling

Keeping It Real
Ryan Gosling

Look it's Ryan Gosling. What is Ryan doing? Ryan is headed to breakfast in Los Feliz keeping it cool and low key. 

Ryan Gosling has a lot of style, not in the fashion sense of the term, but in the way he is seen, but manages to keep it real. No fuss for this guy when he is out in public unless he is attending an event or award show.

He is the King of Cool when it comes to doing his thing out in the world. A quality I find rather sexy I must admit. Being nonchalant about it all only adds to what is already an impressive piece of man candy

So just because I personally have a thing for him, you are being subjected to this image of Ryan Gosling today. I'm sure I won't be hearing any complaints.

Have a good one and keep on keeping it real like Ryan!

Ryan on Twitter:  

Friday, May 26, 2017

Why Not? Wonder Woman

Wonder No More
Gal Gadot
Yesterday I went to make a Trader Joe's run to the one located on Hollywood & Vine at the W Hotel. I emerged from the subway to find a barricade at the Pantages Theater with people already gathering for the Wonder Woman premiere.

It was quite the set-up. I was so glad I arrived before noon, can't imagine what the sidewalks would have been like later. At the time I encountered them they were not that full but the very front of the barricaded area was already teeming with WW fanatics. You'd have to be one to arrive that early.

Being the on the move writer guy I am I snapped a photo of a Wonder Woman wanna be and her Batman eagerly waiting for the sacred event. 
Batman & Wonder Woman 
After I hash tagged it and posted it to Instagram someone recognized WW and BM and tagged them to my image. Faux Wonder Woman approved and left a comment on my pic. Isn't the WWW grand?

Thus I leave you with an image of the actual Wonder Woman arriving at the premiere Gal Godot and my great pretender and her Batman. 


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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Michael's Musings

When I Think About You I...
Michael Shinafelt
Hello from the other side. While Trump continues to be the biggest punchline to everything all over the globe, life goes on. 

There is really so much beauty in world, like plastic bags tayin' in da win, Unicorn poop and rainbows. OK, kidding about the Unicorn poop, or am I? Remember anything is possible and don't call me Yentl

Shall we proceed? Computer says "yes"...

The Trumps visiting the Pope. The Pope looked like he needed an Exorcism in the photos.

I'm in the mood, come on give it up

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. Werd!

Tinsley Mortimer has a hotter vag than Sonja Morgan. Sonja needs to get over her jealousy tour.

Turning tricks with my crucifix. Someone has to.

I know Vampires who have aged more than Pamela Anderson. Don't judge me by the company I keep.
l-r Myself, Mike Clifford & Ivan 
Yesterday I celebrated the success of my friend Mike Clifford's video. It's a dance cover of  "What A Wonderful World" - we had a "wonderful" lunch at Casita Del Campo check Mike out on the net here:

Beware of the trash that will not burn

Congratulations to Troian Bellisario aka Spencer Hastings. She directed the best episode thus far of Pretty Little Liars this season. Only five more to go until it the show ends. Yes, I am sad.

Hating people takes too much energy, pretend that they're dead

Helpful Hint: Never drink Tejava Tea (which I love) after you have had a fruit smoothie. The combination of acids made me hurl.

I wonder what the world would be like if I had Bette Davis Eyes?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Multitasking Mama

Wonder Woman Has Nothing
Julie Bowen
Get a load of Julie Bowen of Modern Family judging by her apron not only does she bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, she also does due diligence on her laptop and makes bath time lots a of fun!

In other words she's a chef, boss and rubber ducky all at the same moment in time. That's makes her one big Multitasking Mama!

OK, Julie what are you going to do for an encore? How about trying to add painting your nails while doing all this too? I bet you can't. Yes, I just dared you, game on!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tribute To Chris Cornell: The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen
"Like A Stone"

Over this past weekend, Taylor Momsen and THE PRETTY RECKLESS returned to the stage to pay tribute to Chris Cornell.  It was their first show since opening for Soundgarden earlier last week in Detroit.   

Taylor Momsen wrote in an Instagram post that her "heart is broken."
"Still in a state of shock," she added. "I have no words right now except my heart pours out to his beautiful family and friends."

THE PRETTY RECKLESS also posted a tribute to Cornell on the band's Twitter, writing: "Our deepest sympathies to family and new friends we just had the privilege to join for an all-too-brief moment. Our hearts are with you."
Watch the chilling performance of the Audioslave cover of "Like A Stone" here:  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Puppy Love, Orlando Bloom

A Boy And His Dog
Orlando Bloom
Now that all the fuss has died down over Orlando Bloom exposing his impressive package (I say if you've got it, flaunt it) on the beach the focus has now turned to him promoting his upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales. It's the phrase the creepy skull says to you just before you plunge downward into the Pirate Pit at Disneyland.

Focus has also turned to Orlando's softer, sweeter, non-sexual side as well. 

Witness him walking his adorable little puppy on the beach in Malibu. See how cute the puppy is? See how cute Orlando is? Isn't puppy love grand? Makes you forget his glorious exposure for a second or two, but in the back of your mind and on the internet, it will always be there when you need a peek.

In this given moment however, Orlando's puppy love is here for you!

Orlando on Instagram: 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Double Take: Pamela Anderson

Say What?!?!
Pamela Anderson
Does a leopard change it's spots? Sometimes, just get a good look at these side by side images of one Ms. Pamela Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival attending the premiere of 120 Beats Per Minute.

She traded bombshell for couture and is almost unrecognizable in her Vivienne Westwood gown. 

Change does a Pamela good. IMHOP she looks amazing, there are vampires who have aged more than her. 

I wonder what the wheels turning in her pretty little head are planning next? We shall find out very soon I'm sure.

Pamela on Instagram:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Presenting - Honey West

There's a new Honey West in town...

This bad, old world gets exponentially better today, as HONEY WEST releases Bad Old World (Readout Records), an explosive collection introducing a remarkable and unusual songwriting collaboration between unassuming British rock titan Ian McDonald, founding member of both Foreigner and King Crimson, and noted Shakespearean actor Ted Zurkowski, a pillar of New York’s theater community by way of world-renowned method acting haven The Actors Studio.

Though constructed on the fundamental foundation of two guitars, bass and drums, the mirthful music on Bad Old World ― which multi-instrumentalist McDonald also produced ― is sophisticated and multi-textured, thanks to the indispensable instrumental and compositional talents of McDonald, and the sly, knowing word craft of lead singer-guitarist and co-composer Zurkowski.

McDonald maintains that his songwriting partner’s cunning way with words was hisraison d’etre for joining HONEY WEST in the first place.
“Ted’s lyrics are very smart,” says McDonald. “I like smart lyrics, I like smart music. This ended up being a really good partnership.”

Aiding and abetting McDonald and Zurkowski in HONEY WEST is a troupe of top-shelf musicians including drummer Steve Holley, whose credits include, among other notable artists, Paul McCartney & Wings, and McDonald’s son Maxwell on bass. Bad Old World also boasts a special guest appearance by Graham Maby (Joe Jackson, They Might Be Giants), who plays bass on several tracks.

The Album Launch Event is set for Wednesday, May 24 at Bowery Electric in New York City.

Premiering exclusively on, the self-deprecating first single,“Dementia,” is a perfect portal into the off-kilter world of HONEY WEST, so named after the groundbreaking 1960s TV series about a sexy female secret agent.“Dementia,” the album’s closing track, is a tightly wound, foot-stomping, Saturday-night rocker highlighted by McDonald’s baritone sax – which originally left a memorable imprint on T. Rex’s iconic “Get It On (Bang A Gong).” But Zurkowski’s typically droll, self-deprecating lyrics elevate the song far beyond the typical party-hearty blueprint, and identify its creators as a rock ’n’ force. 

The high concept "Dementia" lyric video was conceived and directed by Maxwell McDonald, adding to his duties as the band's bass player. Calling the lyric video “inventive,” said it “merits some attention when Ian McDonald gets excited about something.”

While McDonald’s formidable gifts as an instrumentalist, arranger and producer are front-and-center with HONEY WEST on Bad Old World, they represent a new role for the artist who for decades has been revered as a musician’s musician — the one everyone else would check out … and envy! His sterling rock legacy has been primarily forged in the background as the “secret sauce” if you will, for a wide range of recordings which further extends to the likes of Kanye West, Ozzy Osbourne, April Wine, Angela Bofill, Herbie Mann, Jerry Jeff Walker, Nash the Slash, and beyond.

When Zurkowski’s intelligent and playful lyrics are blended with the musical aptitude of HONEY WEST’s co-composers, sonic sparks can’t help but fly.  Not only is his background as a Shakespearean actor entrenched at The Actors Studio (unorthodox by music-world standards), it also indicates McDonald’s propensity for driving a bulldozer through convention.

As such, Bad Old World by HONEY WEST has given rise to a new name in 2017 for peerless musicianship, a substantial, yet fun, lyrical point of view, and the kind of jump-from-the-speakers excitement which has always marked the best in rock music.

Bad Old World is available now on all major digital services, including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.  Here's the iTunes link:


Friday, May 19, 2017

Just Because...Miley Cyrus

It's been a while since we have actually heard much from Miley Cyrus, with the exception of her appearance on The Voice. She has been keeping a low profile and taking some much earned time away with her guy Liam Hemsworth

Well judging by her upcoming appearance on the Billboard Music Awards and her latest single Malibu it looks like Miley Spirit is preparing for a huge resurgence.

Call this Miley Cyrus 3.0. She went from Hannah Montana to the Queen of Raunch & Free Love and now seems to be graduating to a more subdued introspective Miley based on the video and lyrics for Malibu.

Whatever your opinion of her Cyrus has one hell of a voice and can do anything she wants as far as I'm concerned.

Of course I was never into her in her Hannah Montana phase, I was not the intended audience either, "yes" I liked her nasty & provocative...the obvious being stated, this music lover is looking forward to 3.0 Miley, you go grrrrrrrl!

Miley on Instagram:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Michael's Musings

Giving Zero F#cks
Michael Shinafelt
What can I say about this week that hasn't already been stated in Alternative Facts or other  such things. Seriously, what a sh!t show.

On a more human note I am still losing weight and branching out into new things in my life, like boxing. Oh yeah, I am taking up boxing as my new thing. If I hate it & decided to forgo it I will give you the 411

However if I stick with it I will need a punching bag. I think I know the perfect target...

If you are a 45 year old woman who still takes birth control, I can't help you

Underwear Models are hungry

My spin instructor Jessica and I mouthed the words "I'll F#cking Tear You Apart" to each other, during the She Wants Revenge song. The more you know.

Saw a billboard for a movie titled Captain Underpants...underpants, huh?

Just say no to Traipsing 

Once upon a time...

Ryan Murphy needs to create a role for Ann-Margret on American Horror Story
I can't believe that there is an Emoji Movie coming out

What would you do for someone with a Black American Express Card?

The reason people awaken, is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul

I'm gonna crumb

What phrase really defines my week thus far? "Bitch, I'm Madonna!"

Bring it on at:  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kerry On

My Idea Of Washington
Kerry Washington
This has been one Hell of a week and it's only Wednesday. I mean that in many ways, some good and some not so much. 

While I try to monitor my alternative fact intake as much as possible some things are simply too hard to turn a blind eye to. Thus Washington is in the forefront of my mind's eye at present.

That being said you can see why I easily have substituted a positive version of it, of the Kerry kind today. Hey it's not that big of a stretch. Not only does she have the same last name as our nation's capital she also works at the White House on her too entertaining for words TV show Scandal.

As Olivia Pope she controls that house of cards and then some. 

Visualization is the name of today's game peeps. Enjoy life and Kerry me. Why? Because I'm not a politician. 

Kerry on Instagram:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Wigging Out
Penelope Cruz
In what I find oddly interesting casting news, Penelope Cruz will be portraying Donatella Versace in the upcoming season of American Crime Story. As you may recall I posted some delicious images of Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan recently.

While I view the casting of Criss, say that one three times fast, a no brainer, I find Cruz as Donatella a curious thing. While I have nothing against Penelope Cruz the choice of her for the role is odd to say the least.

Seriously? What gives here??? I'm sure she will be fine, I just don't get it. It seems the only thing she and Donatella have in common is an accent. Not to mention Cruz is way more attractive than the woman she is portraying. 

Perhaps it will all become clear when I see the finished show. Until then file this under things that make you go hmmm...

Cruz on Instagram:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Not Mellow In Yellow

Not Mellow Yellow
Katy Perry
Do you know how to Wango Tango? Well Katy Perry obviously does, bear witness to her shaking her bon bon's in yellow at Wango Tango. This is how you do it kids, let it all out!

Other than the fact that yellow becomes her, Katy is like a human unicorn, magical, whimsical, fun!

I am a fan of her personae more then her music, because her personae, even when she is singing a song with a serious theme, Chained To The Rhythm, which I actually like, always has a sense of playfulness to it.

Thus Katy is the perfect way to kick of Monday with a bang! Some Monday Motivation if you will.

Be your own unicorn this week and bend it like Katy.

Katy on Instagram:   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
Michael Shinafelt
Happy Mother's Day! Yep, this is the day we celebrate all you Mother's out there, you've earned it!

This is going to be a short column, because I am a short man. I would simply like express my gratitude to my Mother Jan Landburg-Shinafelt

No matter how many tough times there have been, and there have been many, Mom I have always been able to count on you to be there. 

I custom made the image above and posted it on her Facebook wall exclusively for her. Oh, and I have also included my favorite pic of her and myself in this blog and posted it on Facebook and Twitter in celebration of the big "M."
My Favorite Mother
Ain't Social Media grand? Also this will be the first and last time you will ever hear me use the term "ain't" in my writing. I know it is now recognized by Webster's as an actual word, but it wasn't when I was a kid growing up.

In fact my Mother used to say, when I uttered it: "Ain't, ain't fell in the paint" - I rest my case.

Wishing all the Mother's out there a happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

I Ain't Your Mama, but you can follow me here:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Swoon - Zac Efron

California Dreamin'
Zac Efron

With the big screen go at Baywatch opening May 25th there has been a whole lotta Zac Efron going down. So to speak, but one can dream can't one? 

See Zac on a billboard, See Zac on a talk show, See Zac running down the beach half naked showing off his abs, run Zac, run! 

While I am 100% sure I will not being viewing the actual movie I sure don't mind seeing those Efron abs and those baby blues saturating my retinas everywhere I gaze. Heck don't you think they should have just made a movie about Zac's impossibly sculpted abs and dubbed it Ab Watch? Think about it, but not too hard.

Thus I leave you with this fantastical image of a man/boy named Zac and his killer abs for some Saturday delight. Who says Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth?

Zac on Instagram:

Friday, May 12, 2017

Just Because...Drew Barrymore

Desperately Seeking Drew
Drew Barrymore
Behold a photo of Drew Barrymore out-n-about in New York City this past week. Seeing Drew these days is much like a Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster sighting, very rare. She has kept a low public profile in recent years, and been a more behind the scenes person than an in front of the camera one.

Seeing this image made me feel nostalgic for when Drew was everywhere, doing the Charlie's Angels movies and all those Rom-Coms. Not to mention appearing in and producing one of my fave films Donnie Darko. Now I didn't see any of her Rom-Coms with the exception of The Wedding Singer, which was actually good, but since I am not really a fan of the genre...

I've met Drew a handful of times in various situations which ranged from her shopping at Tower Records Sunset to an after party for Courtney Love and Hole post their Palladium concert. Each time she was such warm & welcoming a total sweetheart.

Here's hoping to see Drew raise her public profile again, the world needs all the positive energy it can get!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Michael's Musings

The Real Man Behind The Curtain
Michael Shinafelt
Photo: Jay Jorgensen
This has been a week. What kind of a week has it been Michael? The kind where you need to ignore the little orange man behind the curtain. I'm in touch with reality, he isn't. 

If you need to ask who that is, you really shouldn't be here, or really anywhere else for that matter. 

Figure it out. It's time to move on, let's have some fun...that is all. Good times ahead!!!!

Smells Like Nixon Spirit, Only 10 Time Worse!

I'm too sexy to be thirsty

Grab a bag of cucumbers & bananas and carry on

Black Man in Hollywood this past week standing over Vera Miles Star ranting: I see you Vera Miles you're a Ni**er! Perhaps in another life.

Helpful Hint - Never drink Tejava Tea with a smoothie the acidic combo made me hurl

Ida Lickhammer made a triumphant return to my Instagram page this week

The boat belonged to a kooky old witch - the more you know

Finally went back to yoga yesterday, hate it, but love what it does for me

Fashion Police was on at the same time as Pretty Little Liars this past week. Which one did I watch???

l-r Marla Graves, Erik Rimmer, E.G. Daily & Moi
A shout out to E.G. Daily and her family. Be well my friend. If you watch TMZ you know why...

Bitch, why are you trying to hug me? We are not cool like that!

I am thinking of writing a children's book

Remember this Sunday werd to your Mother

Time to bid adieu, follow me, because your Mama says at:  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Charity Begins At Dolly

She's A Giver
Dolly Parton
When in doubt, bend it like Dolly! 

The Dollywood Foundation administered the final distribution from the My People Fund on Thursday with recipients noticing an extra surprise when they received the check.

Thanks to fundraising efforts, Dollywood Foundation officials were able to provide a $5,000 check to each family as they work to recover from the Smoky Mountain wildfires which occurred last November. Beginning last December, the My People Fund provided $1,000 each month to Sevier County families whose primary residences were completely destroyed due to the fires.

In total, recipients received $10,000 as a hand-up to help start their rebuilding efforts following the fire. The fund, which was established by Dolly Parton, The Dollywood Company, Parton’s dinner theaters and The Dollywood Foundation, was supported by contributions from across the country, as well as donations made through the Smoky Mountains Rise telethon which took place in early December.

“The My People Fund has been a great success,” said Parton. “I want to thank my team, the Dollywood Foundation, my friends in the music business and the thousands of people from all over the country who opened both their pocketbooks and their hearts to help us.

“Over the last five months, we’ve given nearly 900 families $5,000 to help them recover. Yesterday, we had our last distribution and I went over to The LeConte Center to say thanks to all the volunteers and to help give out a few checks myself. We matched what they’ve received already with another $5,000 check. I know $10,000 can’t solve everything, but I do hope the money will help them to dream again.”

In addition to providing initial monetary support to displaced families through the monthly check distribution, the remaining funds from theMy People Fund will continue to help the people of Sevier County. At least $3 million will be contributed to the Mountain Tough Recovery Team which will serve the continuing needs of residents during the critical rebuilding period ahead. This program will begin helping families on June 1.

“We’re still receiving money, so we aren’t finished yet,” Parton added. “Recovery will take some time, so a new organization—called Mountain Tough—has been created to help our people get back on their feet for the next three years. We’re giving at least $3 million to help this new organization begin the next chapter of our journey.”

Mountain Tough assists individuals and families recovering from the wildfires by providing resources for the unmet needs of low-income families and individuals in Gatlinburg and the surrounding Sevier County area. The team seeks to restore the quality of life and provide for the long-term needs of those affected.

“Mountain Tough will help pick up where the My People Fund left off,” Dollywood Foundation President David Dotson said. “They will be staffed with case managers who will work to identify the immediate needs of residents and our funds will be used to address those needs. For example, it may help with transportation so someone can continue to be employed, or it may help with medicine for conditions caused by the fire. The case managers will coordinate with county agencies to ensure needed assistance is not duplicated and achieves its maximum impact.”

Anyone who wants to help the Mountain Tough Recovery Team with their efforts should visit for information on how to donate, how to volunteer and much more. The website is the official source for all information regarding the recovery effort.

# # #

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Photobombimg "The Virgin"

Photobombing Becomes Her
Gina Rodriguez & Meryl Streep
Extra, Extra! Meryl Streep revealed a talent that the public at large was not aware that she had until she demonstrated it at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

As you can see by the evidence above as  well as being a world class actress Meryl also is an A-1 photobombing machine!

Look at Streep upstaging Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez on the SAG awards red carpet. Gina is blissfully unaware that Meryl is stealing her moment, or adding to it depending on your view of things, 

I wonder what Gina thought when she saw the photo? Perhaps she caught Streep out of the corner of her eye and full on busted her. Even better maybe Meryl stuck around and confessed to Rodriguez and they both had a conversation and a laugh.

Whatever scenario went down it is a memorable photo and shows the prankster in Streep

Only in Hollywood...

Gina on Instagram:

Meryl on IMDB: