Monday, May 8, 2017

1 Guy, 1 Beer & A Balcony

There Is Nothing Like A Beer
Lance Bass
It's another Manic Monday peeps time to dust yourself off and begin the countdown of another week on the 2017 calendar.

This image caught my eye and even though it screams completely relaxed and enjoying ones self,hardly how most beings associate the beginning of the work week, I thought to myself "visualization" when I saw it.

Here is Southern Boy Lance Bass vacationing in New Orleans showing us why he loves it there, drinking a beer on the balcony of where he is staying. Having been to New Orleans I can relate to this and even if you haven't you can too because who does not get chillaxing

So file this in your memory bank with the caption "chillaxing" visualize it in your mind when you get stressed, and I am sure it will help get you through your Monday and the rest of the week too for that matter.

Michael says: Relax! 

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