Friday, May 12, 2017

Just Because...Drew Barrymore

Desperately Seeking Drew
Drew Barrymore
Behold a photo of Drew Barrymore out-n-about in New York City this past week. Seeing Drew these days is much like a Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster sighting, very rare. She has kept a low public profile in recent years, and been a more behind the scenes person than an in front of the camera one.

Seeing this image made me feel nostalgic for when Drew was everywhere, doing the Charlie's Angels movies and all those Rom-Coms. Not to mention appearing in and producing one of my fave films Donnie Darko. Now I didn't see any of her Rom-Coms with the exception of The Wedding Singer, which was actually good, but since I am not really a fan of the genre...

I've met Drew a handful of times in various situations which ranged from her shopping at Tower Records Sunset to an after party for Courtney Love and Hole post their Palladium concert. Each time she was such warm & welcoming a total sweetheart.

Here's hoping to see Drew raise her public profile again, the world needs all the positive energy it can get!

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