Saturday, May 27, 2017

Just Because...Ryan Gosling

Keeping It Real
Ryan Gosling

Look it's Ryan Gosling. What is Ryan doing? Ryan is headed to breakfast in Los Feliz keeping it cool and low key. 

Ryan Gosling has a lot of style, not in the fashion sense of the term, but in the way he is seen, but manages to keep it real. No fuss for this guy when he is out in public unless he is attending an event or award show.

He is the King of Cool when it comes to doing his thing out in the world. A quality I find rather sexy I must admit. Being nonchalant about it all only adds to what is already an impressive piece of man candy

So just because I personally have a thing for him, you are being subjected to this image of Ryan Gosling today. I'm sure I won't be hearing any complaints.

Have a good one and keep on keeping it real like Ryan!

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