Thursday, May 11, 2017

Michael's Musings

The Real Man Behind The Curtain
Michael Shinafelt
Photo: Jay Jorgensen
This has been a week. What kind of a week has it been Michael? The kind where you need to ignore the little orange man behind the curtain. I'm in touch with reality, he isn't. 

If you need to ask who that is, you really shouldn't be here, or really anywhere else for that matter. 

Figure it out. It's time to move on, let's have some fun...that is all. Good times ahead!!!!

Smells Like Nixon Spirit, Only 10 Time Worse!

I'm too sexy to be thirsty

Grab a bag of cucumbers & bananas and carry on

Black Man in Hollywood this past week standing over Vera Miles Star ranting: I see you Vera Miles you're a Ni**er! Perhaps in another life.

Helpful Hint - Never drink Tejava Tea with a smoothie the acidic combo made me hurl

Ida Lickhammer made a triumphant return to my Instagram page this week

The boat belonged to a kooky old witch - the more you know

Finally went back to yoga yesterday, hate it, but love what it does for me

Fashion Police was on at the same time as Pretty Little Liars this past week. Which one did I watch???

l-r Marla Graves, Erik Rimmer, E.G. Daily & Moi
A shout out to E.G. Daily and her family. Be well my friend. If you watch TMZ you know why...

Bitch, why are you trying to hug me? We are not cool like that!

I am thinking of writing a children's book

Remember this Sunday werd to your Mother

Time to bid adieu, follow me, because your Mama says at:  

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