Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
Michael Shinafelt
Happy Mother's Day! Yep, this is the day we celebrate all you Mother's out there, you've earned it!

This is going to be a short column, because I am a short man. I would simply like express my gratitude to my Mother Jan Landburg-Shinafelt

No matter how many tough times there have been, and there have been many, Mom I have always been able to count on you to be there. 

I custom made the image above and posted it on her Facebook wall exclusively for her. Oh, and I have also included my favorite pic of her and myself in this blog and posted it on Facebook and Twitter in celebration of the big "M."
My Favorite Mother
Ain't Social Media grand? Also this will be the first and last time you will ever hear me use the term "ain't" in my writing. I know it is now recognized by Webster's as an actual word, but it wasn't when I was a kid growing up.

In fact my Mother used to say, when I uttered it: "Ain't, ain't fell in the paint" - I rest my case.

Wishing all the Mother's out there a happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

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