Monday, May 15, 2017

Not Mellow In Yellow

Not Mellow Yellow
Katy Perry
Do you know how to Wango Tango? Well Katy Perry obviously does, bear witness to her shaking her bon bon's in yellow at Wango Tango. This is how you do it kids, let it all out!

Other than the fact that yellow becomes her, Katy is like a human unicorn, magical, whimsical, fun!

I am a fan of her personae more then her music, because her personae, even when she is singing a song with a serious theme, Chained To The Rhythm, which I actually like, always has a sense of playfulness to it.

Thus Katy is the perfect way to kick of Monday with a bang! Some Monday Motivation if you will.

Be your own unicorn this week and bend it like Katy.

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