Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Photobombimg "The Virgin"

Photobombing Becomes Her
Gina Rodriguez & Meryl Streep
Extra, Extra! Meryl Streep revealed a talent that the public at large was not aware that she had until she demonstrated it at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

As you can see by the evidence above as  well as being a world class actress Meryl also is an A-1 photobombing machine!

Look at Streep upstaging Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez on the SAG awards red carpet. Gina is blissfully unaware that Meryl is stealing her moment, or adding to it depending on your view of things, 

I wonder what Gina thought when she saw the photo? Perhaps she caught Streep out of the corner of her eye and full on busted her. Even better maybe Meryl stuck around and confessed to Rodriguez and they both had a conversation and a laugh.

Whatever scenario went down it is a memorable photo and shows the prankster in Streep

Only in Hollywood...

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