Monday, May 1, 2017

The Glamorous Life

A Feast For The Eyes
Pierce Brosnan & Sharon Stone
Let's kick off May Day as the first of May is affectionately known with a touch of glamour shall we? Well since it is my blog and I'm choosing to do just that, you really have no say in the matter so guess what? We are!

Feast your eyes on one Pierce Brosnan and his female counterpart Sharon Stone. Don't they look smashing and quite glamorous together? Say "yes" because they do. 

They were photographed at a gala for Jeff Koons this past Monday in Los Angeles at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art for the acronym challenged). 

Makes me wonder why Ms. Stone was never in a Bond movie with Brosnan she would have made quite a formidable, not to mention hot villain. 

File this under: Alternative Facts.

Happy May Day!

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