Friday, May 26, 2017

Why Not? Wonder Woman

Wonder No More
Gal Gadot
Yesterday I went to make a Trader Joe's run to the one located on Hollywood & Vine at the W Hotel. I emerged from the subway to find a barricade at the Pantages Theater with people already gathering for the Wonder Woman premiere.

It was quite the set-up. I was so glad I arrived before noon, can't imagine what the sidewalks would have been like later. At the time I encountered them they were not that full but the very front of the barricaded area was already teeming with WW fanatics. You'd have to be one to arrive that early.

Being the on the move writer guy I am I snapped a photo of a Wonder Woman wanna be and her Batman eagerly waiting for the sacred event. 
Batman & Wonder Woman 
After I hash tagged it and posted it to Instagram someone recognized WW and BM and tagged them to my image. Faux Wonder Woman approved and left a comment on my pic. Isn't the WWW grand?

Thus I leave you with an image of the actual Wonder Woman arriving at the premiere Gal Godot and my great pretender and her Batman. 


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