Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hump Day & Chill

See Tony Chill
Tony Goldwyn
How has your week been going? Mine has been pretty great. In addition too getting a lot accomplished I took some me time and went and saw Wonder Woman yesterday which I highly recommend.

Oh what's that you say? What does it have to do with anything? Well first off this is my place on the Internet to say and do what I want and second, it's Hump Day so chill.

The middle of the week is when one should take some time to unwind and treat themselves to something. I makes it easier to muddle through until the weekend. 

Nothing represents my POV more than this image Scandal's Tony Goldwyn in Bali. Playing the President has to be a tough, not to mention stressful job.

Check out Tony reclined on the hotel bed enjoying room service barefoot in shorts. Now that's the way you do it.

Obviously you don't have to get a hotel room in Bali to do this, but this image alone should plant the idea in your head of what my philosophy is and that is: Chill and be to really be good to yourself. Trust me if you do you will feel better and everything else will fall into place.

So don't forget to chill today by doing something for you. 

Can I get an Amen? Of course I can!

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