Thursday, June 1, 2017

Michael's Musings

Give Me A Hand
Michael Shinafelt
OK, you know what's coming don't you??? This week can kiss my Covfefe! This is the first and last time I will ever post that "word" publicly. I have made many a vulgar text to friends of mine regarding it, but that's between me, them and our cell phones.

Let's get topical!

So sorry to hear one of my favorite people Olivia Newton-John's cancer has returned. Sending my love.

Also sorry to hear about the passing of my friend, singer Mike Clifford's cousin Elena Verdugo of Marcus Welby M.D. fame.

For the record I can't stand Donald Trump, but do not condone Kathy Griffin's attention whore move. Also I can't stand Kathy either.

At this point in my musings do now get why this week can kiss my Covfefe?

On this weeks Pretty Little Liars...Aria was a twat, but I felt the Alison and Emily love! 
Sun Kissed
Darren Criss
Nothing to perk you up like a nearly naked selfie of Darren Criss 

Is your wig squeezing your head too tight, heifer?

Some guy living out of a trailer on the street asked me if I wanted to get high this week. The more you know.

Sea Cucumber ovaries, it's what's for dinner

You will have broccoli, after U By Kotex (inside joke) - 

I wonder if wearing a romper would make my ass look huge?

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