Thursday, June 22, 2017

Michael's Musings

Resting Beach Face
Michael Shinafelt

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy" - Ella Fitzgerald 

In case you didn't register, Summer officially began yesterday. Yes minions it's on! Which of course made me think of the song Summertime, sung by Ella Fitzgerald. However my first exposure to it was the cover by Janis Joplin

For the longest time I thought Joplin to be the originator of the seasonal song, obviously I thought wrong.

Que sera sera - Move Over and Let's Get This Party Started!

Free the disabled hyenas 

Good things come in pink boxes, or is that cum?

This week on Pretty Little Liars - We all found out who killed was Mona. OK we all saw that one coming, but the way the whole life event went down was a doozy!

Attack of the 50 foot Granola Lesbian, the threat is real

Think of me when you use body lotion

There's a scandalous book coming out about the group Van Halen that has, what else? Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll. One the band members actually hallucinated giant penises coming out of the wall. That's hot!

Mike Clifford
Today marks the 48th anniversary of Judy Garland's passing. Mike Clifford and I visited her yesterday at Hollywood Forever, he knew Judy. Visit Mike's Facebook page at:

Wash that man right out of your hair

File This Under Who Cares: Beyonce birthed her twins

Descend into madness

Once upon time there was an evil tyrant who tried to undermine all that is good about a land called the United States of America

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny...fill in the blank 

On that note - obey everything I say and follow me here: 

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