Thursday, June 8, 2017

Michael's Musings

Michael Shinafelt

Happy Gay Pride Month! You heard me. June is the month of PRIDE - and this weekend is the Gay Pride celebration in Los Angeles, CA

Since I am proud of who I am, here it is on the table. All bets are off, because a "wonder"ful film I saw this week preaches the truth, and then some.

Extra! Extra! read all about it, now!

I have never seen a comic book film quite like Wonder Woman. Hell I haven't seen many. But this one is film making at it's finest. Oh, and it also subscribes to love being the answer.

While I won't be attending the Pride Parade this year, I will be having brunch with good friends.

This week on Pretty Little Liars. Aria is still being a twat, Hanna & Caleb got engaged...swoon!

Olivia Newton-John

"You have to believe we are magic. Nothing can stand in our way" - Olivia Newton-John

Sometimes we all want to be nipple girls

I saw Nancy Wilson of Heart this past weekend with her new band Roadcase Royale at The Rose in Pasadena. Kick Ass!!!

Gay as a whistle

Steve Harvey = Barking Seal

Who the F#ck was clamoring for the return of Love Connection with Andy Cohen? Seriously.

Sometimes you feel like a pig, sometimes you don't.

A group of asshole white women hit Nordstrom looking for the sale on Covfefe 

"Hope Will Never Be Silent" - Harvey Milk

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