Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Moore Teeth

Less Is Moore?
Demi Moore
Bet you'd never thought you'd ever hear the phrase "Moore Teeth"...

Well in the case of Demi Moore "All She Wants For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth?" Yes, Virginia she really does and I am sure will be getting them via cosmetic dentistry with or without Santa's help. 

Apparently Demi told Jimmy Fallon she sheared them off due to stress. Which is entirely possible if she grinds them in her sleep, which it sounds like she does. 

Even though she said she managed to take out her two front teeth Demi showed a photo on the Tonight Show missing only one. Hey one missing looks startling enough people could you imagine if she went teeth to the wall and showed both gone?!

Demi was on the show to promote her upcoming appearance with Ty Burrell as a married couple on the prowl for a three way in Rough Night.

In that particular case less, teeth would be Moore. Think about it, but not too hard.

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