Saturday, June 10, 2017

Peace Out

No Bird, Just Peace
Colton Haynes
When I saw this photo I did a double take. The first reason was because I thought it was hot. The second was because it made me want to know more about the guy in it and who he was. 

Honestly I did not recognize newly engaged actor Colton Haynes of Arrow & Teen Wolf fame as a suicide blonde. Yes, it took pulling the image up for me to see the name attached before I put that piece of the "Who's That Guy?" puzzle together.

Colton is "so fetch" in his casual suit and eye catching hair color, so much so that I wouldn't mind having him as one of my...Ha! Did you think I was going to spill on that? That's for the book I am writing.

Carrying on, Colton is giving the paparazzi the fingers, you know the universal sign for peace. Which I think is a perfect message for a Saturday, or any day really.

So "Peace Out' with Colton. C'mon you know you want to.

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