Sunday, June 18, 2017

Who's Your Daddy?

Call Me Daddy
Michael Shinafelt

Happy Father's Day Everyone! 

I was not really sure what to write about today since my father passed away from cancer quite a spell ago. 

Something a little cheeky perhaps, yeah I am sort of feeling that way thus the byline and accompanying image. Mixed with something a little reverent, yep, that's where this next part comes in.

F#ck Cancer! Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. It has touched so many people's lives that I know, including mine, and is a hateful disease. It shows no mercy and leaves the host ravaged.

Sometimes it's a slow painful death in the case of my Father and other times it's quick and painful. Either way it's merciless.

Currently I can name off a few people who I know it is working it's voodoo on and I hope they beat it. This shit deserves to be put in it's f#cking place!

Me & My Dad
So, I am taking Father's Day and dedicating it to the memory of mine, Bill Shinafelt February 23, 2009 who passed away from lung cancer.

Visit the American Cancer Society for more information and to donate:  

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