Friday, June 2, 2017

Wonder Woman Friday

Wonder Women
Gal Gadot & Lynda Carter
Since I stumbled upon the set stage for the Wonder Woman premiere before it began last week in Hollywood I thought I might as well give the movie's opening space on my blog.

I mean seriously couldn't we all use Wonder Woman in our lives stat? With a rouge President and and uncertain future for the U.S. she is exactly the voice and presence the world needs ASAP! 

Whether I see the film or not, it is getting great reviews and leading lady Gal Gadot has been deemed a worthy successor to Lynda Carter who made the character famous on television.

Also the photo taken at the premiere above of Lynda passing the proverbial torch to Gal put a smile on my face. After this past week, this is personally what I needed, and I feel it is a pretty safe bet the majority of you feel the same.

So this weekend unleash your inner Wonder Woman, and use your powers for the betterment of the world we live in. 

That goes for you too men, we all have a Wonder Woman in us!

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