Thursday, July 13, 2017

Michael's Musings

Between A Rock & A...
Michael Shinafelt
In this day and age of social media, which I have been quite attentive to for business matters, I took some very minor down time this weekend. Only to find the fall out was pretty noticeable.

So all apologies for this, that & the other thing. The minute I came back all was well in the world.

So let's get to it, here is the week that was and will always be. Hey, it's a constant craving, moving on...

"Who cares if you crash and burn? At least you flew close to the sun" - Lawrence Blackhall

A shout out to my spin buddy Toni Trucks aka "Speedy" for booking the show SEAL Team on CBS

Everybody Wang Chung tonight

Big Brother has been on four weeks now, and I just noticed

I love frozen blueberries, in fact I am eating a bowl of them presently 

Congratulations to Mike Clifford, his video for "What A Wonderful World" hit over 900 views and is racing towards 1,000!

Good morning to my friend Maresa Wickham wherever she is in the world right here, right now on her tour of it.

Margaret Cho
Albert Sanchez 
Shout out to Ms. Margaret Cho, check out this hot image of her from her Paper Magazine shoot with Albert Sanchez. Looking good chica! 

Marilyn Manson needs to do a follow up to their single Dope Show called Shit Show, think about it, but not too hard

Hi ho, Hi ho...that's right I'm addressing you

There are 50 ways to do pretty much anything

We're having a heatwave, fer sure!

My clown name is Whistlenut

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