Thursday, July 27, 2017

Michael's Musings

I'm Taking A Ride With...
Michael Shinafelt
It's Thursday and it's my time again. This week has been an interesting one. It made me contemplate about the things that drive me.

Well they are different from day to day, much like all of you I am sure. One day my focus is pushing myself further, other times it's lust, love, money or physical improvement. There is always of course peace with ones self which is the ultimate goal.

Oh, and sometimes I feel like Janet Leigh and go a little bit Psycho, and am the road to nowhere - hence the T-Shirt in the image this week. I know my skin images are much more popular on here, flesh will be returning next week. This week I decided to have some fun with an Instagram app this one.

Summary: Everything that drives me and all of you is random day to day, like this column. It's time let's play!

My refrigerator swings both ways

Cornrows are an important part of our diet

I know tongue talk

Truce? Now let's have some calamari

Justin Bieber cancelled his tour because he found God. Those wacky pot heads.

"Can't Get Enough" the latest video from Quiet Riot now fronted by American Idol alumni James Durbin, thoughts?

Kathy Griffin's house is up for sale. Karma.

Bigotry, just say no

When you wish upon a...fill in the blank

Brie is life! Don't judge me.

Traci Lords is on a roll!

Always remember a glass of Cabernet is always the key to victory

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