Sunday, July 9, 2017

Things That Make U Go, WTF?!

Bella Thorne & Blackbear
When I first saw this photo I went "WTF?!" to me, myself and I. I really couldn't tell who it was or what was going down with in it.

Honestly, I still only sort of know now after reading about it. The pink lady in question is actress and beauty Bella Thorne of the Freeform show Famous in Love which I binge watched, it was OK, but Bella has what is referred to as the "it" factor and whether the show goes to a second season or not her career will go on.

Now to the gentleman with the box on his head, apparently he is a musician who goes by the name of Blackbear. WTF?! as in Who The F#ck is that? I mean I suppose I could do a Google search on him and find out something that would help me solve that mystery, but I really don't have enough interest to do that at present. Perhaps I will later, or perhaps not. My feeling is if I have to do that to know anything about you, then your publicist and yourself are not doing a proper job and maybe, just maybe there isn't anything worth finding out.

Yeah, I know sort of harsh, but unless I am going to interview him or have heard any music he has done....well, you get the picture. 

So until I decide to do a search on him, Blackbear will be a "whatever" to me, and maybe that is for the best.

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