Saturday, August 26, 2017

Just Because...Unicorns

Team Unicorn
Selena Gomez
Just Because she is so adorable, just because she has a Unicorn sweater on & just because well why the hell not. Here is a fun image of one Ms. Selena Gomez sporting a sweater with the mascot for pure imagination on it, a Unicorn.

For some reason I enjoy seeing Unicorns in the many forms they manifest themselves into our collective consciousness. Selena Gomez wearing a Unicorn sweater out and about in Los Angeles is no exception. 

Personally I wished the mythic animal were real, could you imagine how much more fun life would be? Seriously, they would add some much needed light to a world that really needs more levity.

So be the Unicorn you want to see in the world today!


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