Thursday, August 3, 2017

Michael's Musings

I'm Smiling Like I Have A Naughty Secret
Michael Shinafelt
"I swear I won't tease you, Won't tell you no lies. I don't need no bible, Just look in my eyes" - I Want Your Sex, George Michael

Sex is something that is on everyone's minds all the time. In fact I am thinking about it right here, right now. It is also making me reminisce about the time I wrote a sex column called: Between The Sheets. 

OK, now we can't get that crazy on here, but I thought it would be devilish to go edgy this week and play with some boundaries. Thus in this column everything will relate to sex on some level, as there are many, trust.

Let's start off with a fan favorite quote from my old column and move on from there...the safe word is "Go" 

"Smile Like you have a naughty secret" - Michael Shinafelt, Between The Sheets

Don't want no short dick man. R U listening Trump???

"I'm thrilled to be playing Dublin for the very first time! The country is known for two of my former favorites - Guinness and foreskin. I can't have the former because I no longer drink and I can't have the latter because I'm spoken for - but I'm still excited to visit!" - Margaret Cho

Never look down on someone unless your getting head

"Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another" - Madonna, Justify My Love

Show your body and be sexy, because you have respect for your whole self

One of the best things  someone ever said to me is: You're really provocative 

Who the hell thinks the government should have any right to tell women how to run their bodies???

Ice cubes. Think about it, but not too much

The human race was meant to evolve, Transgender people are evolution 

Boss Daddy. Any Questions?


My favorite NSFW sexy site:

Give it up, do as I say at -

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