Friday, August 11, 2017

Queen Of The Billboards, Angelyne

She's Baaaaaack!
Angelyne's Current Billboard

Angelyne, the Hollywood Billboard Queen has been famous for years for doing, well nothing. Long before it was a thing. She was known far and wide for her image on numerous billboards throughout the Hollywood area. Making her Hollywood's unofficial mascot, if you will.

She is also know for driving around the city in a hot pink corvette and everyone in town laying bragging rights to an Angelyne sighting. I remember the first time I spotted her after I arriving in the City of Angels it was like I had seen a unicorn.

Little Pink Corvette
Well after laying low for years and merely jetting around town in her signature pink corvette the Queen is back with a new billboard in Hollywood at the corner of Cahuenga & Yucca. She also has a new single out with the name "Heart" thrown in for good measure.

Hollywood's unofficial mascot has returned and honestly? It's great to have her back, especially in an era of celebrity that she was the forerunner of.

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