Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bicycle! Bicycle!

I Want To Ride...
Zac Efron
"I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like" - Bicycle Race, Queen

See Zac Efron. See him ride his bicycle. See him...fill in your own blank. 

You've heard of Portugal The Man? I hereby decree all shall now refer to Zac Efron as Efron The Man

Check out my boy werking it on a bike during a triathlon in Malibu

Is there anything this guy can't do other than give birth? I think not.

Come to Daddy, Zac.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

"I'll Have What She's Having" Jane Fonda

9 to 5 Plastic Surgeons Pick Jane Fonda
l - r
Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton & Jane Fonda 

What a flashback to my Freshman year in High School thrill it was to see the three stars on 9 to 5 - Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton & Jane Fonda reunited at the 2017 Emmy Awards last night!

Oh, those were the days my friend, I'd thought they'd never end...well they really haven't especially for Jane.

Lily always the earth mother looks good for her age, Dolly the bigger than life glamour puss looked very Dolly. Jane on the other hand was a whole different story. At 79 years young she showed up looking like she hadn't even hit puberty. Yet still looked like a wonderfully aged star!

All kidding aside denizens of Hollywood, if you are going to go under the knife, please bend it like Jane. Don't look like a science fiction experiment, or a freakish version of who you once were.

Be like Jane. Look crazy young, and like yourself. Don't distort what the public has liked about you all these years. Nip, tuck and whatever else you have done gracefully, not grotesquely.

Who cares if you have work, everyone in Hollywood does it. All the popular people do it. But you'd better know how to get work, that werks!

In need of a good plastic surgeon? Who you gonna call? Jane Fonda!

 9 to 5 on IMDB:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Now More Than Ever

File This Under: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm...

Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago is the unbelievable true story of the rock band Chicago

Spanning 50 years, from 1967 to the present day, it highlights a band that has sold over 100 million records and has never taken a year off of touring, still playing well over 100 shows a year. 

Detailed are several stories behind their hits and a look at the way they dealt with both ups and downs on their way to becoming the highest-selling band of the 1970s and the second highest selling American band of all time.

Featuring interviews from band members both past and present, as well as those behind-the-scenes, the film shows Chicago as no one has ever seen them before.
As seen and promoted on CNN's January 1, 2017 broadcast

Pre-order at MVDshop.com or on Amazon 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Slow Burn - Michelle Pfeiffer

What A Mother!
Michelle Pfeiffer

Enigmatic actress Michelle Pfeiffer has returned with a cinematic blast in Mother! A film which is an either love it, or hate it proposition (I loved it!) -

Michelle has had an illustrious career with three Academy Award nominations to prove it. One for Supporting Actress in Dangerous Liasons. Two for Best Actress in The Fabulous Baker Boys & Lovefield. Michelle made a total impact in her heyday.

Well that heyday is back!

Her performance in the film is a sly, darkly funny, slow burn. She plays a fabulous game in it. Thus here is what I propose. Since her three co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem & Ed Harris have all one Oscars and Pfeiffer has not, let's start a movement for her to finally receive one for Mother!

A Supporting Actress statue bestowed upon Michelle for a performance that to me stole the movie. Don't get me wrong as stated above I loved the whole thing, but Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Pfeiffer was the foremost thing that I was thinking of when I emerged into the light from the darkened theater.

Dear Paramount, get the buzz for this to happen. Do it and do it now!!!

Michelle on IMDB:

Friday, September 15, 2017

Triple D - Dolly Parton

It's Hootenanny Time!
Dolly Parton
This weekend get ready for Triple D, that's right, three times the Dolly three times the fun!!!

Country music icon Dolly Parton will be all over television this weekend as pre-orders begin for her first children’s album I Believe In You, available here. Parton first appears on the ACM Honors on Friday, September 15 where she will accept the Gary Haber Lifting Lives Award before heading to the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 17.

Parents, fans and all those young at heart can be the first to get their hands on Parton’s new children’s album, I Believe In You, by placing a pre-order on or after September 15. Those who pre-order will receive an instant download of the album’s first track “I Believe In You.” The album will feature 14 new songs, all written and performed by Dolly Parton with the spirit and heart of children in mind. Proceeds from the album will benefit Imagination Library, which was established in 1995 to honor Parton’s father, who never had the chance to learn to read or write.

A digital release of the new album on Dolly Records/RCA Nashville will be available September 29, and the physical album will be available worldwide October 13.

Dolly Parton on ACM Honors
Friday, Sept 15.
CBS 9/8c

Dolly Parton on 69th Primetime Emmy Awards
Sunday, Sept. 17
CBS 8/7c

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Michael's Musings

Okey Dokey Doggie Daddy
Michael Shinafelt
While this week has been fairly status quo, it still has had it's moments. Mostly like memories in the corner of my mind, or is that coroner?

Sometimes I think like a car I need a tune up, before next week might be a stellar idea. But there is always right here, right now - bless Jesus Jones and carry on.

AHS: Cult - why is a Lesbian afraid of a clown with a dildo for a nose?

Maggie Murphy was 16, she spent the whole night  on her knees. The more you know.

Let's take a look at a book. The Big Book of British Smiles

There is a story about me out there, it's called "My Busboy"

If your sexy and you know it clap your hands. Damn! mine are really raw at present

The Scorpions song Rock You Like A Hurricane has been on my mind lately...

If you pee in your white snow pants, don't come running to me

Who all is planning on seeing Mother! this weekend, like me? Raise your hands

Serena Williams newborn daughter has a name, it's Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. - say that three time fast

When it comes to ovulating on the catwalk, give IT a name

Speaking of IT, I am loving the desperation TV ad campaign that is coming on the heels of a stellar opening weekend and negative word of mouth

Pardon me, did I hear you say spinach?

Casey has only known booty call love her whole life. Don't be like her, or do, the choice is yours

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

F@ck "IT"

Is That A Helium Balloon? Or Are You Just Excited To See Me?
While the "F" bomb is one of my most favorite frames of reference of all time, so much so I could never tally how much I use it in the course of a day. My favorite usage of it being the term "F@ck it."

This term takes on a whole new meaning this week as you have probably guessed given the byline. Yes, the phrase now refers to the blockbuster $100 million plus grossing movie based on the Stephen King novel IT.

Being a horror fan, I can honestly state this is the least scary film of all time. Seriously, I'm more disturbed by individuals who procure non white paper napkins, for everyday use. I felt like New Line/Warner Brothers marketed the film they wished they had, not the one they ended up with.

Bette Davis Eyes
Honestly I wish I could sue them for baiting and switching, the movie advertised was not what I spent money to see. The trailer was promising, it looked like Pennywise was a dark creature that would get under my skin and infiltrate my psyche, no bueno. 

Even critics were singing it's praises before it opened calling IT frightening. IT garnered an 88% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I am going out on a limb and saying the ones who loved IT were probably paid off by the studio.

What was IT? A coming of age story with some amazing young actors and a clown who represented their fear of forging through adolescents and becoming adults. Yawn, if I wanted to see that I would view Stand By Me again, another Stephen King adaptation that is way better than this dupe. At least with that one, I wasn't lied to by the studio marketing machine and knew what the movie was about that I was paying to see.

IT's House, In The Middle Of Neibolt Street
The only saving grace for me was I live in Hollywood and got to go to the IT Experience with Robert Krzeski in tow. One of the greatest publicity stunts ever! Yes, Virginia, I got to have live interaction with elements of the movie in Neibolt House, and explore where IT lives.

Translation?! While watching IT and seeing the things I saw inside Neibolt House and my memories of being inside it when the kids entered IT's deadly lair on screen was my only amusement during this marketing scam.

The film was not what I was wanting or, frankly promised by the ad campaign. I'm going to cleanse my palette this weekend with Mother! which I am sure will deliver what it promises.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just Because...The Odd Couple

Father Figure?
Selena Gomez & Woody Allen
Just Because their in New York City. Just Because of the generation gap & Just Because she is the most followed person on Instagram I bestow upon you this photo of Selena Gomez being directed in New York by Woody Allen for his upcoming movie.

File This Under: Wonders Never Cease

Woody Allen is proof is you live long enough you can engage with all the age inappropriate women you want. He directed Miley Cyrus in an Amazon TV series and now he gets to put Selena Gomez through her paces for his latest cinematic foray.

Considering Allen's checkered past also makes this situation one for the book of Hollywood Curiosities.

That being stated I am sure Ms. Gomez can navigate murky waters just fine on her own.

Isn't the real question "What does Soon Yi think of this?" 

Think about it, but not too much, OK?

Selena on Instagram:

Monday, September 11, 2017

With A Name Like "Emmer Effer"...

Look @ Those "Emmer Effer's"
Emmer Effer, Emmer Effer, Emmer Effer!
Emmer Effer is set to release their debut full-length album, From The Bottom Down, via Felony Records on October 6.
Check out an album teaser video here: https://youtu.be/gURepTz4OVw. Pre-orders will launch next week.
A music video for the track "Two Timer" can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/JSLqyKVyW2E.
Emmer Effer is a four-piece punk band from Los Angeles, California. Three members of the band were raised on South Bay punk rock, while Jake the drummer was raised on the punk sounds of the Pacific Northwest. This meshing of styles has resulted in a straight forward punk sound that is fast and to the point. Most songs are purposely kept under two minutes and guitar solos will not be found.
Founded in 2012, the band released their first EP, Dead Men Tell No Lies, digitally on their own Emmer Effer Records in 2013. In 2016, Felony Records signed the band and released an EP on vinyl called The People Are The Answer.
Emmer Effer headed back to Screaming Leopard Studios in Hermosa Beach in early 2017 to record their first full length with Ian Peterson, who has previously worked with Pennywise and Chaos Delivery Machine. The band spent a total of four days in the studio recording 19 songs.
The songs on the album harken back to that mid-90s South Bay sound reminiscent of 98 Mute and Pennywise. Lyrically, Emmer Effer's are a glimpse into the everyday realities that many people go through, such as death, drugs, love, politics, and friendship.
emmer effer cover photo

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday Schwing! James

Schwing for Me
Have you heard about Channel 4's Naked Attraction? It's a dating show hosted by Anna Richardson that has singletons choose their dates based on seeing them naked then getting to know them. 

It has caused a lot of controversy and has garnered a lot of support as well, depending on your personal take on the matchmaking process this show puts fourth. I am also sure it is also dependent on your personal feelings about seeing full frontal nudity on TV.

Personally I like seeing naked men flaunt themselves publicly, thus I am a fan. 

Well today I bring you James from season two of the show via, where else? Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things

James has been receiving comparisons looks wise to Chris Hemsworth in Thor. Well Ooo La La if the long hair fits and you have ever wanted to see a comic book character bare it all then you need to definitely check out the NSFW link below.

Happy Schwinging!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Size Matters

Born This Way
Lady Gaga 
You know the old adage "size matters" correct? Well it does kids, especially when it comes to Lady Gaga.

Gaga recently attended a screening of the documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two at the Toronto Film Festival. What's it about you say? If you have to ask...

One of the more revealing moments, literally, in the chronicle of our Lady's life leading up to the release of her album Joanne is her going completely topless by her pool while having a discussion about her wardrobe for the upcoming Joanne tour with her team.

She was Born This Way, naturally.

Honestly I never realized Lady Gaga was so tiny, I didn't think she was tall either, more like Five Foot Six would have been my guess.

This shows us size does matter, it matters in the way you use it. Think about it, but not too much.

Gaga on "The Gram":

Friday, September 8, 2017

Daedalus' Daughter

If you happen to live in Los Angeles or are visiting, you may be interested in this...

Bootleg Theater presents the world premiere of Daedalus’ Daughter, by Carol Katz, in association with Rosanna Gamson/World Wide, an original movement theatre piece for five performers. Opening on Thursday, September 21st and running through Saturday, September 30, 2017, Daedalus’ Daughter uses the Greek myth of Daedalus and his son Icarus as its primary metaphor for mental illness: the story of struggle, escape, flight and falling, as told from the point of view of an imagined female figure – Daedalus’ daughter. Both intimate and epic, the poetic performance piece weaves original and found text with rich visual imagery and full-bodied, choreographed movement, to create a poignant meditation on a secret family history. The abstract new work was inspired by playwright and director Katz’s own lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder and the journey it took her on. For more information, please visit https://www.carolkatzprojects.org.

"I have created this story, Daedalus’ Daughter, as a way to talk about madness and suicide that can run through family lines; its survivors, its legacy, its gifts, its ghosts,” explains Katz. “It is a meditation on my own family history, and how it has affected some or all of us in deeply personal ways. I did not find out that my grandfather had taken his own life until relatively late, yet I have been touched, if not defined, by his death all my life. This piece is for those who follow in these footsteps without ever knowing why, and for those we leave behind.”

With a one-hour run time, Daedalus’ Daughter will open on Thursday, September 21st and run for six performances over two weeks – on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm – through September 30, 2017. Pre-sale tickets are $20 ($15 for students/seniors) and will be $25 at the door ($20 for students/seniors). Bootleg Theater is located at 2220 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057. For tickets, please call 213-389-3856 or visit http://www.bootlegtheater.org/event/1554271-daedalus-daughter-los-angeles.

Daedalus’ Daughter brings together a collaborative team of Los Angeles theatre and dance artists under the direction of Carol Katz, assisted by critically acclaimed choreographer, Rosanna Gamson. Created though an extended and deeply collaborative process, the piece was very much devised in partnership with the ensemble of actors and dancers: Sean SpannKirk WilsonClementine Gamson LevyLavinia Findikoglu and Kearian GiertzMallory Fabian is on board as Associate Creative Producer and Tom E Kelley is engineering the props and set construction. Lighting Designer, Darius Gangei, Sound Designer Simon Greenberg, and Scenic Designer Tanya Orellana, all from CalArts, round out the creative team.

Daedalus' Daughter, an original dance theatre piece by Carol Katz, is a retelling of the Icarus myth from the point of view of his sister, interwoven with a secret family history. This half-bird, half-girl is an embodied metaphor, a symbolic way to talk about the madness and suicide that can run through generations of families. So while this is an intimate story about one woman’s real family, it speaks to countless others who have dealt with the pain and sorrow of mental illness in their own. It is a story about the costs of keeping things hidden in shame and silence – yet ultimately it is about the hope and redemption that are possible when these secrets are acknowledged and claimed. There is a powerful and healing magic when someone speaks their own truth, and realizes that they are not alone. Told through movement and text, both poetic and prosaic, this piece is a surreal, dream like journey through myth and memory.

• Daedalus’ Daughter Facebook event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/336497893477592

# # #  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Michael's Musings

No Bozo
Michael Shinafelt
"But where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns. Quick, send in the clowns" - Send In The Clowns, Stephen Sondheim 

Clowns abound this week! With the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult, IT opening this Friday & Donald Trump moving (his bowels I am guessing) to overturn DACA.

Isn't life funny? Moving on...

The only thing Trump could do that would surprise me at this point is not be a narcissistic bloated piece of sh!t of a human being.

After catching the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult - I think the subtitle for the latest season should be American Horror Story: Clown Porn

Street Talk - "I'm Eeyore, but I'm not. Jesus made me this way"

Vulgarity is an important ingredient in life

If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands!

Wanna know what I made this week that is magically delicious? A salmon patty with Jalapenos on top under melted jack cheese. Yes, it was good as it sounds.

Sasha Pieterse & Moi
@ The G.B.F. Premiere
A shout out to Pretty Little Liars Sasha Pieterse who will be on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars

Helpful Hint: Always remember when being attacked by sadistic clowns, hurl bottles of rose' 

Who out there is seeing IT tomorrow like me? Raise your hands.

I'm a rebel just for kicks now

Looking for a whore? Ask a pimp

Don't be a drag, just be a queen

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

AHS: Cult

While I am not going to review last night's shenanigans on American Horror Story: Cult I will say this - who knows what the hell is going on? Please if you do, or think you do, spill!

Election night 2016 kicks off this season that had many WTF?! moments in it. How WTF?! were they Michael? Evan Peters character Kai urinating in a condom and tossing it at a group of Latino immigrants spouting racial slurs. A gang of clowns one who masturbates in front of Sarah Paulson's Ally while two others of the insane clown posse fornicate in front of her.

As if Donald Trump "leading" our country isn't freaky enough, we now have to contend with this shit as a result of him being elected???

The only thing I can state about last night's premiere is it left me in a state of confusion as to where this season is going to lead. This could be a good thing although it turned out that it was not so good when Roanoke aired last season and turned out to be even worse than Coven.

Yeah, of course I will keep watching. The crazy array of scenarios trotted out before me last night were completely nuts! I hope where this path leads is equally so.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

So Long Summer?

Coming In For A Landing
Derek Hough

Even though fall doesn't officially begin until September 22, Labor Day marks the end of summer symbolically because it is the last holiday weekend of the season.

That being said while summer is headed into the twilight stage, the summer weather will go on with all of 2017'a crazy heat waves.

So let's bid adieu to the season with this shot of Dancing With The Stars Derek Hough playing Frisbee at the beach.

While Derek doesn't do much for me on the Schwing meter I will state I would like to have a body like his. Evenly proportioned with just the right amount of ripple.

BTW word is Mr. Hough got sand in his mug on the way down.

Ciao Summer!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Just Because...Boots

Come On Boots, Start Walking!
Hilary Duff

Just Because it's Labor Day Weekend and who wants to see a post about that? Just Because her boots are made for walking & just because she stars on Younger - I give you Hilary Duff sporting a bad ass pair of boots whilst walking in West Hollywood, CA.

Luckily this photo was taken before Labor Day being as they are white. We wouldn't want to have to throw Ms. Duff in fashion prison, that would not be very nice.

There is something I have always liked about Duff and obviously I am not alone in that. She has a successful career after all and for that to happen you have to have fans.

I must confess however that I have yet to catch her current endeavor Younger. Word is it's good and I should, and will at some point...cross my heart.

Now aren't you happy?

Hilary on Instagram:

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Schwing! Garrett Hedlund

How May I Assist You?
Garrett Hedlund
With the raging 100 plus degree temperatures in Los Angeles, CA what's a guy to do in an extreme heat wave? Why stay inside with the A/C on blast and Schwing, that's what!

Obviously I went to my number one source for all things that make me Schwing! Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things. Today I hit the trifecta! Not only is actor Garrett Hedlund Schwing! worthy, today also happens to be his 33rd Birthday!

Tye has done a birthday post with three skin adjacent links he has written about Garrett in the past. Ooo la la, de groovy!

My plans to beat the heat have been solidified, join me won't you?

Garrett is here to assist with your Scwinging! needs, let your fingers do the walking and click on the link below...


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story

The more you know...

With exclusive voice-over contributions from David Bowie, this film is a celebration of the life and works of guitar virtuoso Mick Ronson, a rock hero virtually uncelebrated despite his direct contribution and involvement in countless compositions, lyrics and recordings that changed the face of music forever.

An Emperor Media Ltd production, documentary special Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story(101:50 minutes) is from award-winning producer/director Jon Brewer. Mick Ronson's humble beginnings in Hull, England underpinned his values and modest, unpretentious personality as he worked with the city's council whilst pursuing his craft with consummate dedication. 

Soon word of his talent reached David Bowie, who grabbed at the chance to work with Ronson, in what would become a career-long association, alongside collaborations with other greats such as Bob Dylan, Ian Hunter, Lulu, Lou Reed, Morrissey and John MellencampThe Man Who Sold the World, Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory, The Jean Genie - all were constructed with Ronson on guitar.

Sadly in 1993, while working on a solo album, Ronson passed away before receiving the recognition he so richly deserved or before taking that final bow. Now, with unprecedented access to archival backstage footage - never before released - and iconic imagery from superstar photographer Mick Rock, this fascinating and at times controversial special reveals the ultimate authentic chronicle of the career of a cornerstone of rock.

Producer and director Jon Brewer commented, "Both Mick Ronson and David Bowie together were the ultimate duo. They performed and recorded like magicians and created masterpieces that will live on forever."

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story is distributed in the US by MVD Entertainment Group via Blu-ray + DVD, transactional video on demand, and download to own rights from international distributor Content Media following the Parade Deck Films theatrical release .


September 1st:
Los Angeles, CA - Laemmle Music Hall 
New York, NY - Cinepolis
Buffalo, NY - The Screening Room 
Kansas City, MO - Screenland Arts & Crafts Film Festival
Albuquerque NM - The Guild Cinema

Portland, OR - Clinton Street Theater

September 4th and 5th:
San Francisco, CA - Roxy Theater  ***Angie Bowie Q&A via Skype

September 6th:
Philadelphia, PA - Philamoca

September 8th:
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center 
Wayne, PA - Reel Cinema

To pre-order the Blu-ray+DVD package go HERE.   

Friday, September 1, 2017

T.G.I.F! It's Wine O'Clock!

Drink It Like Amy
Amy Schumer
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...OK, not really. But hey it's Friday and guess what that means? It's September 1st! Kidding, but it really is the 1st of September but that's not what Friday means. 

Friday always means it's wine o'clock, not all day, but at least in the evening. This particular one I am doing my monthly wine & nosh get together with my friend Scott Jacobs and boy am I needing it after the jacked week I have had and the truncated day that today is going to be!

Let's put it this way, they are spraying for bugs in my apartment today so I have to vacate for three hours. When I get home there will be a lot of cleaning up to do a chore I despise more then anything. Thus I get to spend my day getting things presentable for my evening. Good times...not!

Although I do not possess a wine glass as big as Amy Schumer's I am sure that my person will drink an amount of wine tonight that could fill a couple of those monsters. 

Damn! Get me to wine o'clock ASAP! 

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