Saturday, September 30, 2017

Just Because...They're Pretty

Gerber Babies
Kaia & Presley Gerber
Just Because their Mom is Cindy Crawford, Just Because Cindy's daughter is her doppelganger & Just Because they are both so pretty - Look it's Kaia & Presley Gerber!

Yes, it the offspring of Cindy Crawford & Randy Gerber, I am guessing they get their looks from good ole Supermodel mom. Kaia does fer sure as she is the mirror image of Cindy. Presley resembles a prettier version of his father, who is no slouch in the looks department either.

Some kids have all the luck, being born into money, opportunity not to mention being lookers and such.

I felt like posting this when I saw it today to give you and myself things of beauty since there is so much in the world that can drag you down if you let it. 

My mandate to everyone the final day of September 2017? Be your own thing of beauty, everyone has it in them.

That's a wrap!

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