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Do You Believe In Magic? See/Saw

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Tis' the Season of the Witch

Atlas Obscura presents See/Saw, an evening with performer and award-winning magician Siegfried Tieber. Opening on Thursday, September 14, 2017 and running for seven weeks, Tieber will play host, historian, and illusionist as he guides intimate audiences on an unconventional journey. An immersion into a magician’s mind, See/Saw is an invitation to take a closer look at the art of conjuring with playing cards: a contemporary take on an ancient art form, where the important question isn’t how, but why. This limited engagement will take place at Civic Center Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. Our host’s ambition is to share (and infect us with) his passion for a beautiful but often misunderstood art form.

Directed by Magic Castle/Academy of Magical Arts magician Jon ArmstrongSee/Saw will run from September 14 through October 29, 2017; six shows per week, over four days each week. Various showtimes (please refer to the ticketing link). Civic Center Studios – located at 207 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 – is a secret hideaway nestled inside the historic core of Downtown Los Angeles. Formerly the office of criminal defense attorney Max Solomon (Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen's lawyer), today this brick and steel den is a production studio and cultural center for artists and musicians. Find the hidden entrance in the parking lot next to the subterranean speakeasy, Birds & Bees. Tickets cost $74 per person. Recommended ages for audience members is 16+. Since opening night, audience members have been greeted by the enchanting duo of Dahlia and Dia Taquali. For more information, please visit
Dahlia & Dia Taquali
“In our culture, we are often exposed to film and theatre and music and dance—all these glorious, beautiful, inspiring means of expression,” Ecuadorian-born, Los Angeles-based Tieber explains. “However, most people don’t often encounter magic performed live. In order to appreciate the enormous potential of this fascinating, deep, complex art form, it has to be experienced up close.”

Card Magic has been lauded as “the poetry of magic.” Due to its versatility and range, the deck of cards is paralleled with the piano. More than mere printed pieces of paper, this instrument embodies chance, chaos and luck. See/Saw is an invitation to take a closer look at the art of conjuring with playing cards: an immersive experience, an intimate audience – sleeves rolled up.

Much more than a traditional entertainment, this is an interactive experience. Our host takes us by the hand – metaphorically, that is – through an evening that integrates an exploration of the environment, a private performance and a candid conversation about the art of magic.
Siegfried Tieber

Here's a video peek of what's in store.

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